How to Get 100 GB of Free Storage on Microsoft OneDrive


How to Get 100 GB of Free Storage on Microsoft OneDrive
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If you are a microsoft fanboy who don’t want to switch between bing search engine and google search engine then you should check out this. Microsoft has some awesome stuffs for you. like bing loyalty program. Earlier this month microsoft had celebrated 1 year anniversary of In between these celebrations they changed the name of skydrive cloud storage to One drive. In addition to the name change, they also gave a bonus of 100 gb of free cloud storage for the first 100,000 users.

Microsoft One drive is very much similar to google drive and dropbox, only difference is that it provides gigabytes of storage to be precise 100Gb of free cloud storage. By default microsoft is allowing a free cloud storage of about 7 gb only but if you are very much lucky to be in first 1 lac users then you would get a 100 gb of free storage. For an average user 7 gb of storage is enough, but what if you could 100gb of free storage space ? Let’s now, check out how to claim 100 gb of free storage.

100gb of Free Storage in Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

All you want to do to claim 100 gb of free storage is, just sign up for Microsoft sign up with your existing microsoft account. If you are not having a microsoft account, it’s highly recommended to create one because without a microsoft account you don’t have chance to sign up for one drive. In order to get 100gb of free storage you need to fill out the one drive form by submitting all the required credentials.

Once signed up, if you are among the first one lac users, then a free storage of 100 gb would be added to your one drive account. 100 gb of free storage is more than enough for an average user. Cloud storage is mostly used on regions with high speed internet connectivity. Basically people in India and many Asian countries deny using cloud services because of low speed internet connectivity.

100gb of Free Storage

Microsoft has confirmed that this 100gb of free storage is available only for a year, once the time period exceeds the free storage space vanishes. Microsoft also added that they are going to provide a 200 bonus points as rewards to those who refer their friends to bing rewards. It’s seems like bit spammy, but worth a try. You can also get a free storage of extra 8gb in addition to 100gb of free storage by camera uploads and referrals. So if you are lucky you could a total of 108 gb of free space without much mess.


Free Storage In Microsoft OneDrive

If you are going to switch between bing search engine and google search engine, then Microsoft ondrive is something useful for you. Hope you could get under the list of first 1 lac and claim 100 gb of free storage. Still having doubts about how to get 100gb of free storage ? Contact me through the contact us or comment section of the blog. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates.

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