Protect your Android Phone with These Security Apps


Protect your Android Phone with These Security Apps
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Android, the biggest freeware os developed google. Currently android os has got all the credits of world’s largest os. For every good there will be bad. In the field of technology it’s viruses and malwares. Android OS is highly vulnerable to virus attacks, in order to protect your mobile OS you need to have some awesome security apps am I right ? If you are here for some of the top android security apps, then you are on the right place. This topic is very much subjected to debates because different people have different tastes. Here in this article I would be sharing some of the top android security apps. These apps are the best according to my knowledge.

The Best Android Security Apps

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security - Android Security Apps

Lookout, the name itself is very much impressive. If you are a newbie, then this android security app is pretty difficult to handle. Once you have figured out how it works then its a piece of cake. Lookout Mobile Security blocks spyware, malware and trojans, it also has an user friendly interface. I would like to recommend this app to all android users because it’s the best android security app which you could get.

360 Mobile Security

360 Mobile Security - Android Security Apps

It is one another android security app which protects your android device from malwares, online threats, viruses and spywares. Almost all android security apps have the same functions. Reports are saying that this android security app can be named among the top 5 antiviruses of all time. The only additional option found on this app is call blocking, safe browsing protection and some shortcut toggles. This security app lacks anti theft option.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus - Android Security Apps

If you are windows user then am pretty sure that you would have heard about it. This is named as one of the top antivirus for windows. You may be thinking that what it has to do with android os. Avast the name is enough, no wonder why it is on my list of top android security apps. The main reason why i have added this security app to my list is trust and customer satisfaction. It consists of an application manager which helps you to find the running apps, cpu load, number of threats and all. This application manager feature is unavailable for other security apps. It has got a web shield which protects your smartphone from online threats. Web Shield scans all the urls and warns the user if there is any phishing urls on the list. These are some of the awesome of Avast security app.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus - Android Security Apps

Avg antivirus is a free android security app which protects your android smartphone from online threats and offline threats. Automatic scan helps you to find offline viruses quickly. Automatic scan eats up your cpu and battery life and makes your phone buggy, but it is very much useful. AVG Antivirus has got an anti theft feature, it allows the user to locate his phone remotely with the help of google maps. Unlike all the other android security apps it has got the ability to backup all the apps to your memory card of external storage.

These are some of the top android security apps, if you want me to add more antiviruses to this list, then please contact me through comment or contact us page of the blog. Hope you all loved reading the article.

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