The Best Free Android Games


The Best Free Android Games
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It’s 2014 Nowadays, we could play high end games on a 5 or 4 inch screen. You could play your favourite pc games like prince of persia, assassin’s creed and many other master class pc games on your mobile phones without any drop in gaming graphics. Today in this article I am going to list out some of the best free android games. According to the surveys it’s been said that pc games are facing a danger of extinction due to the introduction of free android games. It will take some time for android games to completely wipe out pc games. I would list out some of the best free android games which has got the caliber to compete with any pc games.

Best Free Android Games

Angry Birds

Best Free Android Game Angry Birds

I think this is the game which changed the face of android game. I am very much happy to place angry birds on the top of my list. It has got all qualities to become the topper in best free android games. Although it lacks high end graphics, it fulfills this lackness with the help of gameplay. This free android game was developed by Rovio. Android version of the game is absolutely free while the IOS version is paid one.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Free Android Game Dungeon Hunter 4

I would like to place Dungeon hunter on the second place of best free android games because of it’s gameplay and gaming graphics. The better part is that this heavy graphics android games is available for free. Dungeon Hunter 4 is a hack and slash game, it is a RPG type game. This second best free android game was rated as the best free action android game of the year by an android magazine.

Plant Vs Zombies 2

Android Game Plant Vs Zombies 2

It’s not wise to add two similar games on this list of best free android games. I am skipping plant vs zombies 1 from this list because of the reason told above. The main task of the user is to protect the lawn from the undeads. Gaming mechanics and AI has improved a lot when compared to the earlier version of the game. Collect plant foods for super charging yourself. Altogether plant vs zombies 2 is an all in one strategic game. These are some of the reasons why it is added in the list of best free android games.

Dead Trigger 2

Best Free Android Game Dead Trigger 2

Dead trigger 2 is a high quality multi platform shooter game developed by madfinger games. This free android game was released on october 23, 2013. This game is a zombie themed shooter game, it was selected among the top free android games of 2013. Dead trigger 2 uses unity game engine, which was used in the latter version of the game. After the success of the game on android and ios platform the developers have announced the windows / macintosh version of the game, but still now there is no news about it. This is the only shooter game on my list of best free android games.

Asphalt : Airborne

Android Game Asphalt Airborne 8

I am not that a big fan of racing games, but this game made me to love mobile racing games. I would love to include a racing game on the list of best free android games. If you are looking graphics wise, it is the best free android game on the lis. Only minus point is gameplay. Players can play different modes like career mode, championship mode, quick play mode and all. Another important thing which is to be remembered is the list of awesome soundtracks.

Hope you all loved reading my article on some of the best free android games. If you want me to add other free android games, then ping me. Ping me by using the comment section or contact us page of the blog.

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