Top Mobile Phone Brands in the World


Top Mobile Phone Brands in the World
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Following brands blindly is not at all a good habit! Moreover, we should consider this as a bad effect of consumerism in all sides. Nevertheless, we can observe an exception today! Nowadays, as you know, building a brand is a tedious job, and hence brand now means reliability as well. In that sense, at least in some situations, you can follow eminent brands in the consumer sector. Yet, you have the duty to select the best brands in all senses. We want to help you in this situation by providing a list of top mobile phone brands of the world. You may note that these results are based on different kinds of filtering.

Top Mobile Phone Brands

Samsung Mobiles

Samsung Mobiles

Perhaps, Samsung is the sole reason, why Android has become quite popular among youngsters as well as rest of the consumer community. Despite the fact that Samsung Mobiles are putting a lot of bloatware in its devices, altering UI of Android, and hence rebranding Android (not officially) as a Samsung OS, most of Android Smartphones from this brand are quite popular among Smartphone users. Another reason for the success of Samsung Mobiles is that this brand releases devices that suit different kinds of budgets. Thus, there is no doubt to put Samsung in the top-list.

Apple Inc.

Apple Computers

It will not be wrong if we compare Apple Inc with the word, ‘Exclusivity’, because the brand name itself is a synonym of that property! In addition, Apple might be the only company to become one of the top brands Smartphone world, through such a small number of devices. As you might know, the one and only player of Apple Inc in the Smartphone world is Apple iPhone, which has several timely variants. Yet another reason for the success of Apple Inc as a brand is exclusivity of its powerful services as well as quality of products.

LG Electronics

nexus 5

Just as the whole world knows, LG is one of the giant companies when it comes to the case of consumer electronics. This company managed to sustain its quality, reliability as well as success when it stepped into the Smartphone and related accessories world from normal mobile devices. Through handful number of devices, LG Electronics does very well in the market, and thus you can ensure functionality of their devices. In addition to their own devices, LG is very popular for its association with Google Inc, and the resultant Smartphone – LG Nexus aka Google Nexus.

Sony Mobile Communications

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Mobile Communications, which is formerly known as Sony Ericsson, is of course an awesome player in mobile device market, which does quite well when it comes to the monetary section as well. One of the prominent series of Sony Mobile Communications is ‘Xperia’, which has brought many powerful, budget-friendly, devices into market. In addition, recently, the company managed to introduce waterproof, dust-resistant, and superb Smartphones into the market, along with ability to take photographs underwater. The company, when were popular as Sony Ericsson, was creating budget-friendly devices, which sported their own OS as well as powerful Camera. Similarly, under the new name too, Sony has managed to become one of the popular choices of Smartphone customers.

So, we have listed out prominent players in Smartphone market! Which is your favourite among these brands? We are waiting for your comments.

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