5 Best WordPress Plugins – Improve Your Blogging Experience


5 Best WordPress Plugins – Improve Your Blogging Experience
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When it comes to blogging the first name which comes to everyone’s mind is blogger or wordpress. If you are a newbie, I am pretty sure the first thing which came into your mouth is blogger. Things changes if you know something about blogging. WordPress is one of the finest self hosting platform to do blogging. WordPress is known for its directory of plugins. Blogger blogs lacks this wide collection of plugins. Today in this article I would list out some of the best wordpress plugins which could be used for improving blogging experience. These wordpress plugins are of knowledge, if you have any bitter experience with any of these plugin please do share with us. Here is my list of best wordpress plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Wordpress SEO WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most widely used seo plugins. It helps you to focus and write an article on a particular keyword. It checks whether the focus keyword is present in the article heading, page title, page url , content and meta descriptions. It also checks the overall seo of the article. The other features of the plugin include snippet review , page analysis and automatic optimization. I am very much proud to recommend this plugin to you guys.

All in One SEO

All In One SEO WordPress Plugin

It’s one another seo plugin which is very much similar to SEO wordpress plugin by yoast. It’s basic functions include optimizing article titles for search engines, generating meta tags and all in all it helps you to develop seo rich contents for your blog. All in one seo supports google analytics, canonical urls , navigation links and many other facilities. This plugin helps you to avoid duplicate contents. Overall this is a good plugin for wordpress blogs. I won’t recommend to use more than 2 seo plugins on a blog.


Commentluv WordPress Plugin

Commentluv is one of the best commenting plugin for wordpress. I know many guys who are in search of commentluv alternatives for their blogger blogs. For them I have only one thing to say there is no such alternative for commentluv, this is the reason why commentluv plugin is named as one of the best wordpress plugins of all time. Commentluv enables the commentators to provide a link of their posts on your page. Webmasters could allow dofollow and nofollow tags for those links. If you are giving dofollow tags for those links then you must monitor each and every comment because there are 1000’s of bloggers who are trying to get a dofollow backlink ,so i am pretty sure they will comment your blog to death.

W3 Total Cache – Caching Plugin

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

Nowadays search engines gives big priority for the performance of blogs. According to my experience blogger blogs have got better performance than wordpress plugins. Don’t worry about the performance of wordpress blogs if you have got one of the best caching wordpress plugin ( W3 Total Cache ). It is one of the fastest plugin which improves the performance of wordpress blogs. I’m pretty sure after using this plugin you would rate it 5 out of 5.

All in One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security WordPress Plugin

It is one of the best security plugins for wordpress blogs. WordPress blogs are very much insecure (when compared to blogger ), if you are not using any security plugins then I am saying you, are at a greater risk of getting hacked. In order to avoid that, you must have a good security plugin. All in one wp security & firewall is one such security plugin which helps you to secure your blog from hackers. It protects your blog from hackers by implementing latest security techniques and practices.

Hope you all loved reading my list of best plugins for wordpress blogs. If you want me to add any new plugins please do use contact us page or comment section of the blog. We would be very much happy to improvise our list of best wordpress plugins. Subscribe us for further updates.

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