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How to Spy on Someones Text Messages

This is the time of Instant Messengers and we rarely use SMS for communication. This is also true IMs are faster than ordinary SMSs. This is the main reason of their popularity. But text messages have their own benefits. In these massages you don’t require internet connection, so in emergency these are ...Read More

How To Hack a Kik Messenger Account

Kik messenger is the answer to BlackBerry’s BBM and it has been installed on 240 million smart phones. It is available for iOS and Android users only. Kik messenger with great user interface is very easy to use and smooth in functioning. So being popular there are also some negative effects of ...Read More

How To Spy on Someone Else WhatsApp

Whatsapp has become an essential part of our social life. Even Zuckerberg realised it and so bought it for a whopping $19 billion dollars. Each and every one uses Whatsapp to send and receive messages, pics, videos, etc. with our friends and family. It is highly convenient. But what if your kid ...Read More

Protect your Android Phone with These Security Apps

Android, the biggest freeware os developed google. Currently android os has got all the credits of world’s largest os. For every good there will be bad. In the field of technology it’s viruses and malwares. Android OS is highly vulnerable to virus attacks, in order to protect your mobile OS you need ...Read More

Find the Perfect File Manager App for Your Android Phone

File manager is pretty much important for every operating system. Today am here to help you finding some of the top file manager android apps. If you have a hell lot of files to manage then you would need a good file manager. Since android is world’s largest mobile os I am ...Read More

Top Navigation Apps for Android

I think you all know how important is navigation apps in day to day life. Each and every one have used any of the navigation apps listed below. Today in this article I would list out some of the top navigation apps for android which would convert your android device into a ...Read More

The Best Free Android Games

It’s 2014 Nowadays, we could play high end games on a 5 or 4 inch screen. You could play your favourite pc games like prince of persia, assassin’s creed and many other master class pc games on your mobile phones without any drop in gaming graphics. ...Read More

Motorola Moto G Detailed Review

The most awaited android smartphone has released, so that the parties too. Motorola Moto G, the brand new name on android phone series has already stricken world markets.I think it is the only android budget smartphone which has gained this much attention. ...Read More

Special Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active LTE-A

We hope most of you know a lot about Samsung Galaxy S4, which was the flagship device of Samsung in 2013, and it does have several variants such as Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, S4 Mini, etc. ...Read More

5 Must Have Android Apps

The 5 must have android apps which you will be needed to reduce your daily needs are given below. By having good apps we can enjoy using our devices more freely and easily. So these are my favourite android apps. Check out my list. ...Read More