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How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

What are you blogging for ? According to my experience everyone would starts saying am blogging for sharing ideas, knowledge, information etc.. But the real truth is that no blogger can deny that they are blogging for money. In order to earn money one needed to be successful, in order to being ...Read More

Top 5 Free Seo Tools

If you are good at seo then you are good at blogging. SEO the three letters which determine your blogging career. If you are doing seo in the right way then you won’t have to worry much, but if you are not doing it right then you are going to experience the ...Read More

5 Best WordPress Plugins – Improve Your Blogging Experience

When it comes to blogging the first name which comes to everyone’s mind is blogger or wordpress. If you are a newbie, I am pretty sure the first thing which came into your mouth is blogger. Things changes if you know something about blogging. ...Read More

Welcome to TechNows.Com

Thanks for the stay, visit again… ...Read More