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Apple brings CarPlay to iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1

Tech-giant apple has announced the introduction of CarPlay in iPhone and iPad. Now, let us begin from scratch. What is CarPlay? It is a motor app for iPhone that allows the user to safely use features like texting, making calls, and such common applications hands-free, while driving. ...Read More

Top Must Have Mobile Accessories

Using just a high tech mobile phone is just not cool enough. To enjoy the potential of your Smartphone, it has to be tagged along with some of the latest and hottest mobile accessories now available in store. There are a variety of awesome mobile accessories both for fun and ease, ranging ...Read More

Meet 5 Upcoming Smart Phones 2014

With 2014 the world of smart phone has reached a new level. Here is a list of upcoming smart phones which will hit the mobile market by 2014. All the big names like Samsung, apple, Nokia LG are going to launch their smart phones soon. So the list of upcoming smart phones ...Read More

Motorola Moto G Detailed Review

The most awaited android smartphone has released, so that the parties too. Motorola Moto G, the brand new name on android phone series has already stricken world markets.I think it is the only android budget smartphone which has gained this much attention. ...Read More

Special Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 Active LTE-A

We hope most of you know a lot about Samsung Galaxy S4, which was the flagship device of Samsung in 2013, and it does have several variants such as Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, S4 Mini, etc. ...Read More

Best Mobiles Under 10000

Nowadays we could barely see anyone without a Smartphone. We are going through an era in which people’s are weighed according to the quality of Smartphones they are using. Mobile phones had become a device to just show off. ...Read More

Nokia Lumia 525 Review

Besides arguments from Windows Phone haters, regarding the extra simplicity of User Interface as well as absence of productive apps, Nokia Lumia 520 is a successful Smartphone that fits itself in the budget-friendly category! ...Read More

Top Mobile Phone Brands in the World

Following brands blindly is not at all a good habit! Moreover, we should consider this as a bad effect of consumerism in all sides. Nevertheless, we can observe an exception today! Nowadays, as you know, building a brand is a tedious job, and hence brand now means reliability as well. In that ...Read More

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