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How to Hack into Someones Snapchat

Snapchat has become an enormously popular app among underage children and adults. Photos, videos and drawings shared instantly using this app. But you can monitor photos and videos shared by them. Also you can track Snapchat of your employees whether they are using this app to goof off when they should work. ...Read More

How to Hide Your IP Address

IP address is the unique address which locate you on the internet. So this is your location on the World Wide Web. If anyone want to find your geographical location then he can find it with the help of your IP address. These IP addresses are uniquely provided by ISPs ( Internet ...Read More

Fix Optimizer – Optimize and Speed up Your PC in One Click

It does not matter how powerful your computer is, but slowing down is indeed a noticeable issue! You might have an Ivy Bridge or Haswell processor in your Windows PC, but once it starts slowing down, getting on with your PC will be some sort of a tedious task. The situation will ...Read More

How to Get Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

What are you blogging for ? According to my experience everyone would starts saying am blogging for sharing ideas, knowledge, information etc.. But the real truth is that no blogger can deny that they are blogging for money. In order to earn money one needed to be successful, in order to being ...Read More

iOS 7.1 Brings Performance Improvements to iPhone 4

APPLE’s iPhones which were supported by i OS 7 had to face a lot of criticism from the world of iPhone users. The main complaint was that the OS was too heavy for their iPhone 4, which seems to be correct to a great extent. Decrease in battery life was yet another ...Read More

Apple brings CarPlay to iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1

Tech-giant apple has announced the introduction of CarPlay in iPhone and iPad. Now, let us begin from scratch. What is CarPlay? It is a motor app for iPhone that allows the user to safely use features like texting, making calls, and such common applications hands-free, while driving. ...Read More

Grand Theft Auto V : The Best Game EVER

The name Rockstar was little known when it began creating games in 1998. Sixteen years later, with the latest addition of Grand Theft Auto V into its long list of world famous games, it has achieved sort of a cult status. It is the parent of many of the world’s most popular ...Read More

Protect your Android Phone with These Security Apps

Android, the biggest freeware os developed google. Currently android os has got all the credits of world’s largest os. For every good there will be bad. In the field of technology it’s viruses and malwares. Android OS is highly vulnerable to virus attacks, in order to protect your mobile OS you need ...Read More

Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Scripts

Google Apps Script is a cloud based scripting language for light-weight application development in the Google Apps platform. They are written in JavaScript languages and provide easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services and build web applications. Cool Things You Can Do With Google Scripts Amazon Price Tracker You ...Read More

How to Download your YouTube Videos

While browsing through YouTube, found a video that you liked so much and you will do anything to download it ? There are a large number of ways by which you can download YouTube videos. Downloading videos is just not good enough. We should be able to convert the video into our ...Read More