Top Countries with Nuclear Weapons


Top Countries with Nuclear Weapons
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World of technology is growing at a steady. Nuclear weapons are considered as one of the greatest achievement by humans. According to me, it is one of the deadliest achievement because it could be used against our mother earth. I wish no one will ever use it because it has the strength to vanish human kind from earth. Today in this article I will list out some of the top countries with deadiliest Nuclear weapons.

Countries with Nuclear Weapons


Russia Nuclear Weapons

With over 8,500 nuclear warheads of which about 1,800 are strategically operational, Russia has one of the most dangerous nuclear weapons. These nuclear warheads could be used by Russia if they or their allies are under a nuclear attack. Russia tested their first nuclear weapon in 1949. Russia also has the record of testing the most powerful explosive ever detonated by humans. Recently they tested their nuclear weapon on 1990 and a total of 715 tests have been done by Russia till date.

United States of America

USA Nuclear Weapons

Everyone knows the fact that the United States of America developed the first atomic bomb and used it during World War Second. United States is the only country who has used an atomic bomb against another country. For the first four years UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was the only country with nuclear weapons, later they were joined by Russia. The only two Atomic Bombing ever done was done by United States of America against Japan in World War 2 in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. United States of America has about 7700 nuclear warheads. The first test was conducted in 1960 and recently done in 1992, in total about 1054 test have been done by the United States of America. They have about 7700 warheads.


France Nuclear Weapons

Based on their own research France did their first nuclear test in 1960. At present they have about 300 operational nuclear war heads. Recent testing was done in 1996 and a total of 210 testing have been done by France. As Madam Marie Curie was from France, they had good knowledge about nuclear science. France has disarmed about 175 warheads as a result of modernization and now they are using dual system based submarine-launches ballistic missiles.


China Nuclear Weapons

China developed their first nuclear weapon against United States and Russia in the year 1964. China is estimated to have warheads in the range of about 220 to 400 and about 180 are active warheads. The recent testing of nuclear weapon was on 1996 and a total of 45 tests have been done by them. It is also said that China has about 3,000 warheads which are hidden under several tunnels.

United Kingdom

 UK Nuclear Weapons

The United Kingdom is the third country right after Russia and United States of America to have its own nuclear weapon. United Kingdom started making Nuclear weapon because to stand against Soviet Union and to maintain the status of great power. In 1957 United Kingdom tested their nuclear weapons for the first time. They have a total of 225 warheads in which, the estimated number of active warheads is 160. The recent test was done on 1991 and a total of 45 tests have been done by them.

INDIA, PAKISTAN, NORTH KOREA are also known to have nuclear weapons whereas India is one of the most fast rising nations in the field of nuclear weapons. India and Pakistan have a total of 330 warheads.

Germany, Turkey, Belgium ,Italy ,Netherlands are the countries who share their nuclear weapons under NATO weapons sharing.

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