Top Five Data Cards


Top Five Data Cards
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In earlier times data cards were only offered to us by their respective operators. Nowadays many companies are offering similar products with more advanced features and even at a affordable price.Some of the features of these new and improved data cards include memory card slots, Wi-Fi routing, etc. In short we can say that accessing the internet is only one of many uses of a data card.

Top Five Data Cards

Tata Photon Max Wi-Fi

Tata Photon Max Wi-Fi - Data Card

It is a super intelligent super fast unique data card with a max speed of 6.2 mbps with zero roaming charges. Its unique features include duel channel technology capable of receiving signals from two different carriers simultaneously, taking the movie downloading and video streaming experience to a whole new different level. With this data card, you can get connected in a whole new way. You can plug it in your PC, laptops, external battery pack, car chargers, power adapters, etc., making any USB port into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and can connect to five different servers at a time. In addition to all these features, it even has a 16 gb memory card slot. What more does one want?

ZTE AW3632

ZTE AW3632 - Data Card

ZTE AW3632 priced at around Rs 1,800 is a 9.5 mm data card weighing 30 grams. It seems as if a normal data card, but can be used as a Wi-Fi router. It is a 3G data card with a maximum downloading speed of 14.4 mbps. In addition, the ZTE AW3632 data card has a 32 gb micro SD slot. It comes with a USB 2.0 enabling you to connect with laptops, PC, and tablets.

Vodafone K4201

Vodafone K4201 - Data Card

Currently at a marketing price of Rs 999 has a maximum upload speed of 5.76 mbps and allows download speed of 21.1 mbps. It is supported by most commonly used operating systems like Windows 8, Mac, Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu. It also has a 32 gb micro SD slot.

According to Vodafone, the data card has a specially featured dialer with upgraded user support functionality such as web chat, help line number on dash board, online banner for Vodafone offer updates, and troubleshooting guidance for common error codes. This data card is also rumored, allowing us to set data usage limit alarm and also monitors data usage.

Huawei E5331

Huawei E5331 - Data Card

It is available in stores for around Rs 3,500. The main reason for this price for the data card is that it allows eight different users to access the web at a time. It is battery operated and has a 1800 mAh which provides 4-5 hours of continuous usage and 250 hours of stand by. This data card has an uplink speed of 5.76 mbps and a downlink speed of 21.6 mbps with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. The data card has a digital indicator system showing network, Wi-Fi status, battery level and messages. It is provided with an on/off button for easy use.

Huawei E8131

Huawei E8131 - Data Card

Now available at a price of Rs 2500, can be used by a single user on can be connected via mobile Wi-Fi hotspot up to five different Wi-Fi enabled devices. Huawei has introduced Type3i technology enabling 20% more download (21.1 mbps) and upload speed. The data card also has a 32 gb micro SD slot.

Hope you all loved reading my article on some of the top data cards, if you want me to add more data cards to this list please let me know about it. I would review and consider your suggestions for improving the quality of my content.

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