How to Download your YouTube Videos


How to Download your YouTube Videos
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While browsing through YouTube, found a video that you liked so much and you will do anything to download it ? There are a large number of ways by which you can download YouTube videos. Downloading videos is just not good enough. We should be able to convert the video into our desired format so as to play it in different devices. You can download YouTube videos by installing a software in your PC or by using websites that allows you to download videos from YouTube by copying and pasting the URL of the video you want to download. Here are some ways by which you can download YouTube videos.

How to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube Downloader HD

YouTube Downloader HD - download  YouTube videos

If you want to download YouTube videos in a simple way, YouTube downloader HD is the software that you need to have. First, to download YouTube videos, you need to download this software. This software is available in its official website now at $14.90 per year. If you prefer a cracked version of it, you can download it from, where it is available for free.

After downloading it, you need to install it to download YouTube videos. Now run the application. On the user interface, you will be able to see a space for pasting the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download. First, to download YouTube videos you have to enter the website and click on the YouTube video you want to download. Copy the URL of that video and paste it on the space provided on the user interface.

Download YouTube Videos

You can also adjust the quality of the video that you want to download. There is also option to download multiple YouTube videos at a time. Other than to download YouTube videos, you can convert the video you are downloading into desired format, so that it is compatible with DVD players, iPods, etc. You can also select the path to which the downloaded YouTube video is to be saved. After setting all the options, click the download button and your video will start downloading. Its only drawback is that you cannot pause it during the process of downloading and then resume it later. Once you stop the download, you need to start from the beginning again. Other than this, it is a very good application to download YouTube videos.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager - Download  YouTube videos

It is yet another useful software to download YouTube videos. Downloading YouTube videos is only a part of the function of IDM. To download YouTube videos, this software should be installed on PC. You can download IDM from the internet. Once installed, even if the software is closed this program will run in background and if you are watching a YouTube video, a small pop up box will appear asking you if you want to download that video.

You need to click it and also select the quality in which the video is to be downloaded. By clicking the download option, the video will start downloading. It is unable to convert the video into desired format but other than that, there are lots of features for IDM. If you are browsing the net, you can set a speed limiter so that your browsing speed wont be decreased by a large extent. Also you can pause it and resume any time you want. It is much easier and simple to download YouTube videos as compared to YouTube Downloader HD.

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