Revamped Facebook App for iOS


Revamped Facebook App for iOS
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Facebook has taken yet another step in the world of its iOS apps by releasing the latest and brand new version for its iOS client. Instead of making improvements, slight adjustments and modifications in the previous versions of apps, like all app providers usually do, Facebook has taken a daring attempt to build the app right from scratch, and I must say this effort has been paid for its daring.

The previous improvement which added the chat head feature, thereby making the display and features totally better, is nothing compared to this new piece of software, which they call ‘Paper’. We shall discuss some of the new and interesting features of this new facebook app for iOS here.

Revamped Facebook App for iOS

Stand-alone app


The ‘Paper’ app is a stand-alone one. It means that the app in itself is not a replacement of the existent facebook app for iOS. It essentially provides an alternative to what the present app provides, especially in the newsfeed.

Doing away with buttons


Remember when you were relieved when the touch screen phone finally arrived in the market? This app presents a similar feel. There are virtually no buttons. However, you may have to get accustomed to some new gestures to work the app well. This brand new facebook app for iOS is sure to surprise you with the surprisingly small number of buttons.

Great UI

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The user interface of this new facebook app for iOS has been made much, much better by putting each and every element in your newsfeed into single and separate pages through which you can swipe through horizontally. This has been done so as to improve on the importance people attribute to newsfeeds. It is like staying a bit and taking a closer look at the exhibit in a museum rather than just rushing through it.

Lesser information, more time

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No, no. That is not always a drawback folks! Considering the noise and traffic at the vertical newsfeed that we are so well accustomed to in older versions, ‘Paper’ comes with a ‘sit back and relax’ kind of newsfeed. Though it reduces the number of posts per page you see, unlike in Twitter; we should note that it is exactly the point of Facebook. Thus, for many, this new facebook app for iOS is going to be exciting, simply for this reason.

New look at post sharing

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This new app creates a whole new experience in viewing a post before sharing or posting it. It shows exactly how the post is going to look after you have posted it. Here, what the developers are trying to achieve is the kind of feel that apps like Instagram provides you, when sharing a post to facebook. This facebook app for iOS could thus serve as the replacement for the ‘instagram experience’.

New slot on homescreen

The app essentially wants a new slot on your main screen. However, the fact remains that if you happen to like the new app and get immersed in it, there is the possibility that the other version of facebook app for iOS gets sunk into the depths, or simply uninstalled.

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