Fix Optimizer – Optimize and Speed up Your PC in One Click


Fix Optimizer – Optimize and Speed up Your PC in One Click
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It does not matter how powerful your computer is, but slowing down is indeed a noticeable issue! You might have an Ivy Bridge or Haswell processor in your Windows PC, but once it starts slowing down, getting on with your PC will be some sort of a tedious task. The situation will be horrible if you are that kind of user, who runs a variety of programs every day — the more you use, the slower your PC becomes. Nevertheless, a superb tool is all set to bring such kinds of problems to an end — Fix Optimizer. In this post, we are here with a complete review of Fix Optimizer, one widely used and immensely popular solution for PC optimization. In this detailed review, we will have an introduction to the tool, followed by exploration of each aspect of Fix Optimizer as a Windows utility.

Fix Optimizer – An All-in-One Solution to Speed up Your PC

Everyone loves a PC with optimum speed, right? And, ever since popularization of computers, people have been in a search to find faster computers that can manage more and more processes without forcing them to wait! But, if your PC is slow due to your continuous usage, Fix Optimizer is a solution for you, we are sure! Before you understand how Fix Optimizer increases speed of your computer, you should know the factors that cause slowing down of your PC. As you might have already heard, some reasons for slowing down of PC are as follows.

  • Junk Files
  • Disk Errors
  • Windows Registry Errors
  • Miscellaneous Errors

Fix Optimizer Junk File Cleaner

By fixing different kinds of issues in abovementioned sections, Fix Optimizer ensures optimum health of your PC that runs on Microsoft Windows. Before we check Fix Optimizer & its various aspects, we will have a glimpse on minimum system requirements as well as support range of Fix Optimizer.

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Minimum System Requirements & Support

If you have a PC running on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, you can use Fix Optimizer to increasing speed of PC by optimizing different aspects. If you have a Windows XP-based device, it should have a Core 2Duo Processor, 64MB RAM, whereas the Vista-based PC needs 1GHz Processor and 1GB RAM. On the other hand, if your PC is running on 7 or 8, it is recommended to have a processor with minimum processing speed of 1GHz and 1GB of Memory. Plus, for all cases, Fix Optimizer team recommends 500MB of minimum HDD Space. When we compared these requirements and support range with other optimization tools, the requirements are pretty low and almost every PC out there can benefit from Fix Optimizer.

Now, as you have enough information about Fix Optimizer for Windows, we will check out various aspects of the tool and we will first let you know what all Fix Optimizer can do when it comes to speeding up your PC.

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What Fix Optimizer Does :

Registry Cleaning & Compacting

Registry Cleaner

Despite being one of the necessities of functioning of Windows OS, Windows Registry can become a way for slowing down of PC as well. Simply put, windows registry consists of configuration information of different software, settings and users etc. that ensures smooth functioning of the Operating System. However, continuous usage of your PC may create a huge amount of superfluous information in registry that can cause slow-down of your computer. However, by using Fix Optimizer, you can scan different sections of Windows Registry, such as software locations, shared DLLs, Windows Fonts, Startup Programs, Help and Resources, Virtual Devices, File Extensions, Temp Files etc, to clear a big variety of issues and thus to speed up your PC.

In addition to registry cleaning, Fix Optimizer has a section called Registry Compacting! In this section, Fix Optimizer will remove wasted space and corrupt keys from Windows Registry as well as performing physical defragmentation of files stored in Windows Registry.

Windows Optimization

Windows Optimization is one of the most prominent features of Fix Optimizer, because it helps users to take real beast out of your PC. More often than not, slowing down of PC is caused by non-optimized condition of your PC! It is to be noted that an optimum combination of appearance and performance will serve your requirement and the tool we have with you has brought some preset configurations to the stage. While the F mode gives preference to visual treat offered by PC, H mode is for those who need the best level of performance from their Windows computers. As per your selection, Fix Optimizer will adjust both hardware and software aspects of your PC to suit the condition.

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Startup Boost

If it takes years for your PC to finish startup process and load desktop, programs that start functioning automatically at startup will be the reasons. However, to fix this, Fix Optimizer has a dedicated section, using which you can select or deselect programs to be opened during startup. Although you can do the same using command prompt, those who are newbies in PC management will find this section of Fix Optimizer quite useful!

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Yeah, Fix Optimizer has a lot of features to protect your privacy as well. Now, following dawn of tech era, a PC has become the best source of one’s source, let it be documents or photos. And, of course, those information include all kinds of data from your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Fix Optimizer, however, has its best features when it comes to ensuring that all these data are confined in your PC. Along with removal of Windows history, which includes document history, run history, temporary files directory, scan disk temporary files etc, it will perform removal of web browsing data from your web browsers — such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

It should be noted that Fix Optimizer clears different kinds of web browsing data such as Cache, History, address bar data, auto complete data, downloaded files etc and Fix Optimizer supports Opera, Safari and Netscape apart from those mentioned above. In the same way, you can clear data from third-party tools as well.

Disk Optimization

Optimizing your hard disk drives is an important factor when it comes to boosting speed of your PC. Fix Optimizer is packed with a number of features to do this job well. While it selects junk files and deletes them smoothly, ability to bleach disks is useful when you want to make deleted data unrecoverable. Similarly, when you want to remove files from your PC permanently, you can use File Shredding feature of Fix Optimizer.

Altogether, by taking wise actions in these sections, Fix Optimizer will be able to make your PC smooth in terms of its performance and speed. Rather than simply speeding up PC, it is worthwhile to note that Fix Optimizer improves the privacy level of users as well.

Plans & Pricing

Despite availability of a free trial version, Fix Optimizer offers different plans and you can choose according to your budget and requirement. For instance, the basic version – offering license of one year for five PCs – is available at a rate of $49.94 per year.

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On the other hand, if you want Fix Optimizer for your office purposes, you can go for the top plan that offers 50 lifetime licenses and you will have to pay $389.91. In any case however, when considering those features mentioned above, Fix Optimizer is worth more than what you pay.

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Miscellaneous Features We Loved :

Quick System Checkup

Fix Optimizer lets you run a system checkup of your PC in a comparatively shorter time. During this checkup, the tool will find out main problems that cause slowing down of your computer as well as other kinds of issues. Plus, when it is compared with other tools, it is seen that Fix Optimizer is able to find out deeper issues of PC.

24*7 Support

Fix optimizer support

It is quite natural for you to have doubts while using Fix Optimizer, despite the fact that the User Interface of tool is so simple! If you come across some of such doubts, you can use the support team of Fix Optimizer to solve them and the support team is available all the time — you can use either email or phone to contact customer care!

Simplistic User Interface

When compared to that of other PC boosting solutions out there in market, user interface of Fix Optimizer is simple enough to everyone understand what they should do and how they should do. When we consider the in-detail help pages and tutorials into account, using Fix Optimizer to boost speed will become a piece of cake!

One-Click Optimization

One Click Optimization

Well, we guess the name says it all! This feature in Fix Optimizer helps you find problems of your computer and fix all of them in a matter of a few seconds. For those who hate being technical, this feature will be damn useful, we bet.

Time for Verdict

While recalling what we have mentioned above, Fix Optimizer is undoubtedly one of the best tools to optimize PC in a way such that you can feel the real power of it! Particularly, we loved the simplistic user interface and easy-to-use features in the tool. Nevertheless, we are eager to know what you think of Fix Optimizer.

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