Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Scripts


Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Scripts
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Google Apps Script is a cloud based scripting language for light-weight application development in the Google Apps platform. They are written in JavaScript languages and provide easy ways to automate tasks across Google products and third party services and build web applications.

Cool Things You Can Do With Google Scripts

Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon Price Tracker - Google Script

You can use google scripts to keep track of any Amazon product and get email alerts when their price changes.

Bulk Forward Gmail

Bulk Forward Gmail - Google Script

You can use this google script for bulk transfer of older mails from your email to your other email IDs.

Save Gmail Images

Save Gmail Images - Google Script

This google script will auto save all the image attachments that come through your mail.

Sort Gmail by Size

Sort Gmail by Size - Google Script

This script can be used to sort out all the bulky emails in your Gmail inbox.

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SMS Alert for Gmail

SMS Alert For Gmail - Google Script

With this google script you can connect your Gmail account to your twitter account and thus receive SMS alert for important incoming mails.

Transfer Gmail

Transfer Gmail - Google Script

It can be used to copy all your mails from your Gmail account to another mailbox irrespective of which web service it is on.

Advanced Gmail Search

Advanced Gmail Search - Google Script

Regular expression search can be made possible in Gmail using this google script.

Gmail Delay Send

Gmail Delay Send - Google Script

This will allow you to schedule your emails, i.e. your mail will be delivered on the specific date and time you mention.

Gmail Clean Up

Gmail Clean Up - Google Script

With this google script you can create a time based filter in your Gmail account. This filter will move, archive or even delete all messages from any particular Gmail label that have exceeded the specified time limit.

Gmail Encrypt

Gmail Encrypt - Google Script

Using google scripts you can encrypt your outgoing mails using powerful AES encryptions to ensure that no one cansnoop into your private conversations.

Update Google Contacts

Update Google Contacts - Google Script

Let your friends and family add their contacts directly into your google address book using this google script.

1-Click Web Site Hosting

1-Click Web site Hosting - Google Script

With this google script you can host your websites, images, podcasts and other media files on Google Drive with one click.

Send to Google Drive

You can save your Gmail attachments directly to Google Drive using this script.

Twitter Bot

Twitter Bot - Google Script

Learn how to make your own Twitter bot that answers to tweets.

Instagram Downloads

Instagram Downloads - Google Script

It allows you to download images of a specific tag from Instagram to your Google Drive.

Reddit Scraper

You can use this google script to download all the posts from any Reddit to your Google sheet.

Gmail No Response

This script tracks your Gmail account for mails still awaiting reply.

Auto Expire Shared Folder

 Auto Expire Shared Folder - Google Script

Using this google script you can create an expiry date for your shared folders in Google Drive. The shared links will automatically disappear once the expiry date is over.

Website Uptime Monitor

This helps you keep in track of your website domains. You will receive instant emails and SMS alert when your website goes down or up.

Text Browser

Text Browser - Google Script

This is a browser written in Google scripts which lets you browse the web in text.

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