Grand Theft Auto V : The Best Game EVER


Grand Theft Auto V : The Best Game EVER
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The name Rockstar was little known when it began creating games in 1998. Sixteen years later, with the latest addition of Grand Theft Auto V into its long list of world famous games, it has achieved sort of a cult status. It is the parent of many of the world’s most popular games like Max Payne, L.A Noire, a series of fifteen Grand Theft Auto games and many others; and is the most revered by gamers all over the world.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V was the fifteenth title in the Grand Theft Auto series, released on September, 2013. However, its development is said to have begun right from 2008 with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Though a comparison between the two is injustice owing to the amount of hard work put in creating them, here are a few reasons why some people like us call it the best game ever.

Best Features of Grand Theft Auto V

Change Of Scene

Grand Theft Auto V Scene

Grand Theft Auto V is centered in the fictional city of Los Santos which is a more or less accurate replication of Los Angeles. The change of scene from Liberty city, which was heavily based on New York city, has been welcomed by gamers around the world. The game features open world gaming like its previous versions where the gamer is free to roam about anywhere in the city.

Multiple Protagonists

Grand Theft Auto V Multiple Protagonists

Grand Theft Auto V has three lead protagonists. That’s right! Three! The gamer controls one of them at a time, while the three represent almost three different sections of the map. The map is highly customised so much so that it has separate danger indicators for the three characters, while featuring another indicator for the strategically advantageous positions of the characters. The gamer can switch from player to player at any random time.

Context Specific Activities

Grand Theft Auto V underwater diving

Engaging the player in new niches like underwater diving using a scuba set, parachute jumping, etc, is another new feature Grand Theft Auto V has to offer to the gamers. This feature was irrecognisable in the previous versions, if not completely absent.

Multiplayer Gamer? You Are In For A Treat

Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer Gamer

Those of you who use the multiplayer feature can play along with upto sixteen other players – a feature matched only by Grand Theft Auto IV. In addition, you can also form crews of more than one player and complete missions and jobs in the multiplayer mode together. Grand Theft Auto V also allows importing of player groups from its Rockstar counterparts like Max Payne 3. Now that’s awesome, right?

In-Game Customisation

Grand Theft Auto V In Game Customisation

Games uptoGrand Theft Auto IV have allowed only limited customisation reaching upto the character’s clothes. Grand Theft Auto V takes customisation to a whole new level by allowing the gamer to customise almost anything! That’s right. Now you could get a tattoo, change your hairstyles, customise your weapons and even customise your cars. The game allows addition of features like nitrous to the user’s cars taking vehicle customisation to the level of popular race games like Need for Speed.

Character Stats

Grand Theft Auto V Character Stats

While character stats can be annoying to some players because of certain particular missions, there are advantageous sides to it too. The gamer can select a particular character suited for a particular mission depending on his ability and skill. This is one of the prime reasons why this feature has been brought back in Grand Theft Auto V after dumping it in some earlier versions.

Better Cops

Grand Theft Auto V Better Cops

Now, is that a merit? Why is it not? Who wants to play against cops who can’t even chase you down once you get in your car? That takes away all the rush and adrenaline from the game. Grand Theft Auto V has made the cops more realistic. For one, they are more able, and will put up a good fight before giving up. Secondly, you can hide in the red zone even when cops are around, once you are out of their line of sight. This feature is quite similar to Need for Speed again.

Better Environment

Grand Theft Auto V Environment

To keep it simple, in Grand Theft Auto V, you will not see random people walking aimlessly to and fro. You can see pedestrians waiting to cross, people waiting for buses, trees and a better environment all together. Grand TheftAuto V is said to have five times as many pedestrian population as Grand Theft Auto IV.Also, the likeness of Los Angeles is visibly better than that of the city of New York.

User-Friendly User Interface

Grand Theft Auto V User Interface

Grand Theft Auto V has a more simple user interface even though it has three different characters being represented in it simultaneously. The circular shape has been changed to rectangular to bring an element of change.Different indicators for each of the three characters is cleanly accommodated in the new UI.

Better Graphics

Grand Theft Auto V Better Graphics

Though Grand Theft Auto IV had a decent graphic display, the backgrounds were quite blurry and distorted. This has been taken care of in Grand Theft Auto V. The graphics is reasonably good, neat and realistic.

Bigger World, Better Game Analogy

Grand Theft Auto V Better Game Analogy

The size of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V is much bigger compared to the liberty city of Grand Theft Auto IV. This is highly desirable if you are a gamer who plays not just to complete missions for the sake of completing them. A game is well played only when the user gets its full ecosystem in.

In the end, I would like to note that both versions of the Grand Theft Auto released recently are huge successes irrespective of partiality among gamers as to which game is the best. This article is hence only one side of the opinions and is totally personal.

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