HostGator Review – A Personal HostGator Hosting Review


HostGator Review – A Personal HostGator Hosting Review
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An introduction to HostGator — we are quite sure that most of you will find this superfluous, especially if you have a good level of experience in the world of blogging, internet marketing, web building or some other kind of web-based profession. It is an undoubted fact that HostGator, as a provider of various web-hosting services, is trusted by several people, who differ in terms of requirement of budget they have. Nevertheless, despite the fact that majority of web-based professionals prefer HostGator to other web-hosting providers out there, newbies confront some serious kind of doubt when it comes to choosing HostGator hosting services for their website, blog or web-based apps. And, that is why we decided to come up with a full-fledged review of HostGator and its various hosting services, by exploring a variety of aspects, including reliability, plans and pricing, additional features, pros & cons etc.

First of all, we will have a look on background of HostGator as a company that has been serving professionals for more than a decade. So, we can start, right?

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HostGator — About the Company

HostGator Review

Owned by Endurance International Group, commonly known as EIG, LLC is currently providing a great set of quality-rich web hosting services for thousands of professionals around the globe! Having started its journey in 2002, HostGator has created an awesome impression among customers, which even lead to a satisfied report of 90% in a survey conducted in 2008. Headquartered at Houston, Texas, United States, HostGator servers now power more than nine million domain names, which is a great reason to depend upon this big brother hosting firm, indeed. Now, we guess you have sufficient information about HostGator as a company; and, we shall move on to major aspects of HostGator that a normal user is concerned about, including pricing and plans, reliability, notable features etc. First, it is worthwhile to check out what all services are provided by HostGator hosting services, we hope.

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Services that HostGator Offers

Primarily, four different kinds of web-hosting services are offered by HostGator! We will have an outline on these.

Shared Web Hosting

Commonly known as Web Hosting itself, shared hosting is the favourite choice of every newbie professional. Notable reasons for this preference include affordability, easy-to-use interface, etc. As the name says, resources of server are divided into multiple sections and these sections are attributed to various shared hosting accounts. Despite having a number of disadvantages, shared web hosting is a reliable choice for newbies, indeed; furthermore, shared hosting is the most popular web-hosting service from HostGator as well.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Servers, commonly known as VPS, are those who need privacy and performance of an individual web server, though virtual. HostGator offers managed Virtual Private Servers, meaning that you don’t have to be worried about technical aspects of the server. This can be your choice if you expect extended traffic or requirement of more processing power!

Dedicated Server Hosting

Owning a dedicated server means that you are leasing a fully fledged, physical server from HostGator datacenters. In that sense, you have all kinds of administrative privileges over that server and you can use it according to your own requirements. Go for dedicated server only if you need ultimate performance combined with complete power.

Reseller Hosting

If you have that skill of persuading others and make them purchase web hosting from you, Reseller Hosting pan from HostGator will be quite useful for you. You can choose your budget and start selling — simple as that.

Along with these, HostGator offers Windows Hosting as well. Although not detailed when compared to Linux, you’ll be able to get an appropriate plan from the section.

Plans & Pricing

Now, to understand HostGator better in perspective of a newbie professional, we will have a look on various plans of HostGator in its different hosting categories.

Shared Hosting

Three plans are available in shared hosting section of HostGator, which are quite affordable. We will have an outline of those plans now.

Hatchling Plan: This plan offers single domain hosting accompanied by unlimited bandwidth & storage space! When you purchase it for three years, this plan costs $3.96 per month.

Baby Plan: Baby is the most popular plan from HostGator hosting and it allows you to host unlimited domain names along with the power of limitless bandwidth and disk space. However, unlike Hatchling, you will have to pay a monthly charge of $6.36 if you purchase the service for three years.

Business Plan: This plan, which is meant for small businesses, offers unlimited resources and domain hosting, along with private SSL and IP. Talking about the pricing, Business plan wants you to pay $10.36 per month.

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VPS Hosting

Five different plans are available in VPS hosting section of HostGator and those plans are as follows:

Snappy 500: 0.5 Core CPU, 512MB RAM, 25GB and 500GB Bandwidth — $19.95.

Snappy 1000: Single Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 60GB Disk Space and 1TB Bandwidth — $49.95.

Snappy 2000: Dual Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 120GB Disk Space and 1.5TB Bandwidth — $89.95.

Snappy 4000: Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 165GB Disk Space and 2TB Bandwidth — $129.95.

Snappy 8000: Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 165GB Disk Space and 3TB Bandwidth — $159.95.

It has to be noted, however, that HostGator offers two kinds of VPSs — fully managed and semi-managed VPS. In the second category, you will not have a control panel, despite the fact that you can have a notable decrease in amount that you have to pay.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Both Windows and Linux-based dedicated web servers are available from HostGator. Now, we shall have a look on to those plans

Dedicated Server Plans (Both Windows & Linux)

Basic Dedicated Server: Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 10TB Bandwidth & 500GB space @ $174 per month.

Standard Dedicated Server: Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 1TB Space, 15TB Bandwidth @ $219 per month.

Elite Dedicated Server: Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 20TB Bandwidth @ $279 per month.

Pro Dedicated Server: Quad Core CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 25TB Bandwidth @ $374 per month.

Although platforms are different, plans for both Windows and Linux-based dedicated servers are same when it does come to the case of HostGator.

Reseller Hosting

Depending upon your requirement or ability to sell, you can choose from five different plans of reseller hosting part of HostGator. Those plans and offered resources are:

Aluminum: 50GB Storage and 500GB Bandwidth at $24.95 per month

Copper: 80GB Storage and 700GB Bandwidth at $34.95 per month

Silver: 120GB Storage and 1TB Bandwidth at $49.95 per month

Gold: 160GB Storage, 1.2TB Bandwidth at $74.95 per month

Diamond: 200GB Storage, 1.4TB Bandwidth at $99.95 per month

Regardless the plan, you will be able to host as many domain names as you want in your server, given that storage is not exceeded.

So, we hope now you have a somewhat clearer idea about plans and pricing section of HostGator. Now, we will have a look on various aspects of this popular web host, including features we loved most and its customer care.

Customer Support

More often than not, customer support section of HostGator grabs more attention than the hosting service itself! It’s quite natural because the popular web host has brought a huge variety of impressive features when it comes to that section. As of now, a number of methods are available from HostGator, including live chat, toll free number of ticket system. Regardless the method you choose, quality of customer care will be just awesome, and you can depend on the team to clear your doubts as well as to fix technical issues that you might confront while managing your server. It has to be noted that customer care from HostGator is available for almost every kind of web hosting the company is offering. In addition, when you check out the Support Page of HostGator, you can find a number of video tutorials as well. Altogether customer care and support section of HostGator section is quite fruitful as far as newbie web-based professionals are concerned.

Control Panel & User Interface

Control panel of HostGator hosting is one of the most productive control panels you can find in world of web hosting of various categories, including shared or dedicated. Control panel of HostGator hosting is based on cPanel, which is one of the most popular solutions for server management. However, rather than bringing cPanel as such, HostGator has made some truly productive improvements in the control panel in such a way that one can have an impressive outline of your web servers, sites hosted in it etc. For instance, we can see that HostGator control panel has a superb level of integration with backup records, traffic records, and lots more. Having that said, it is worth noting that one might find some trouble in understanding this control panel, especially if he/she is coming from a minimalistic panel, like the one offered by Bluehost. Nevertheless, once he/she has spent a few hours with the feature-rich panel, which has a truly intuitive User Interface, everything will be awesome.

Uptime & Reliability

Talking about uptime and reliability of HostGator hosting, it is not really wrong to be double minded. Despite the fact that thousands of professionals have hosted and are still planning to host their websites and blogs on HostGator, the company had faced several service outrages and security compromises in past few years. October 2014 & May 2014 are examples for these outrages and these had caused somewhat huge problems for customers. However, currently, HostGator offers 99.99% uptime.

Additional Features We Loved in HostGator

QuickInstall Scripts lets you install your favourite Content Management Systems and platforms, let it be WP, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, in a matter of a few clicks. You just have to open QuickInstall section and you’ll be able to see what you should know further.

Each plan of HostGator hosting offers impressive features such as advertising credit worth $100, in-built site builder and a lot of other features that make enough sense when you want to set up a website/blog without spending that much time.

HostGator coupons are best way to cut down your budget for grabbing HostGator hosting servers. In spite of the fact that HostGator hosting is already affordable when compared with other hosting solutions, use of the coupons will make your journey less expensive.

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Our Verdict ( Most Important )

Considering many of these factors mentioned above, HostGator hosting, which offers a variety of hosting services, is indeed a great choice when you want to host your website/blog in a secure, easy to manage and reliable server. We do hope our comparison of its various hosting categories and plans will be quite helpful when it comes to choosing a particular type of web hosting. By the way, what is your opinion about HostGator web hosting? We are eager to know!

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