How to Hide Your IP Address


How to Hide Your IP Address
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IP address is the unique address which locate you on the internet. So this is your location on the World Wide Web. If anyone want to find your geographical location then he can find it with the help of your IP address. These IP addresses are uniquely provided by ISPs ( Internet Service Providers ) to each system connected with internet. Full form of “IP address” is Internet Protocol Address.

Why You Need to Hide Your IP Address:

Hide My Ip Address

Sometimes you need to hide your IP address due to following reasons:

  • Need to Hide your Geographical Location,
  • Bypass Blacklisting of Your IP Address,
  • Need to Prevent Web Tracking or any similar reason

Sometimes you need to hide your IP address for business purpose, entertainment or for downloading. So in each case you need a tool which help you to hide IP address or change your IP address.

How to Hide IP Address

How to Hide Your IP Address

We have a great tool for this purpose which can help you in this problem and this tool is well known “ HideMyIP”. This is the most reliable tool present for this purpose. We selected this tool after discussing with users and reviewing personally.

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This tool provides 76 different IP addresses all over the world and you can choose any IP address. There are a lot of tools available for this purpose, but reliable tools are rare. After discussing with the users and taking a self review of this tool we put it on our website. There are some free tools also available on the internet but we suggest you to don’t use those products because IP addresses of those products are already spammed.

After download, If you don’t like this product then you can get your money back. It has 30 days money back scheme.

If you have any doubt in your mind then read Frequently Asked Questions, still having any question arising in your mind, comment below.

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