How to Use Linkedin – A Beginer’s Guide


How to Use Linkedin – A Beginer’s Guide
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LinkedIn is a social networking site for business professionals. It’s a power tool for finding all the need details about new employers, partners, business connections etc. Many have problems of how to use LinkedIn; well here are some tips to know how to use LinkedIn.

How to Use LinkedIn

How to Use LinkedIn

Follow these steps to learn how to use linkedIn. Once you have learnt to use linkedIn then trust me you are going to get a good experience ( thinking professionally ) out of it. Most of the youngsters don’t know how to use LinkedIn effectively, so they keep on wasting their precious time on facebook and some other useless social media networks.

To get started with LinkedIn one need to sign up by giving relevant details like first name, last name, email id , password, where you live in etc. Buy giving these details you can create your profile in LinkedIn.

Even frequent users won’t be able to achieve their goals because they lack knowledge about using LinkedIn, so the person should know what is his/her goal, what is to be found in LinkedIn etc. Also when creating your profile make sure you post a picture of your face looking more professional.

After the signing up procedure one need to confirm his/her email but logging in to their mail ids.

Set Up Profile Picture

Set a profile

By setting a good photo as your profile picture, so that many can remember you even if you are not connected with them in LinkedIn. So the next valuable point in How to use LinkedIn is to put an apt profile picture. There is also privacy setting in which one can set the privacy setting such a way that only connected persons can view them.

Update Your Status and Summary

LinkedIn Update your status

One should regularly update his/her status so that they could be viewed by others. So the main point in “ how to use LinkedIn” is that to update the user’s status. By updating the status the persons whom you are connected will be able to know what you’re and what all business meeting you will do. Also write a nice but rich summary about yourself. Instead of copy pasting some stuff from the internet try writing it yourself. Try to include your academic details like the marks you have scored, you’re interested subjects etc.

So the next point in how to use LinkedIn is to explore. Just explore the possibilities of LinkedIn and be updated with the updates. Look for various applications which can be founded in LinkedIn and go thru them. Update your hobbies and other extracurricular activities. By exploring you can find new ways to use LinkedIn.

Connect With Love

linkedin Connect with love

Join many new groups as possible. Connect with many users, but don’t abuse any users. Talk to them in a friendly manner. Please note that some groups may be filled with spam. Make sure what all groups you join in. One can get good advice by joining in various groups. Make your presence felt by constantly discussing with other users. Also before you send a personal message make sure that the message you are sending is appropriate and not violating any professional rules.

So these are some set of point that a new user should know how to use LinkedIn. By following these set of rules one can successfully survive in the social networking field for the professionals.

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