iKeyMonitor Review for iOS & Android: the Best Key Logger & Spy App


iKeyMonitor Review for iOS & Android: the Best Key Logger & Spy App
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These days electronic gadgets are becoming necessity of everyone. With the help of these gadgets we are in contact to each other and this is the beauty of technology. If we don’t use them in proper way then technology have some negative effects too. This is the thing which forced us to keep surveillance in some cases.

So we need a software which help us to do this. Also it should be reliable and under budget. For this we researched and found a perfect software which also gives Free Trial of 3 Days and undoubtedly it is iKeyMonitor.

ikeymonitor keylogger

Note: This software needs physical access of the target phone and also you must have proper authorization to the target cell phone.

Things You can Spy

Records Keystrokes and Passwords:

This is impressive feature of this app. It records all keystrokes including passwords entered by the user ( whether in hidden or visible mode ). It is the best key logger software present this time.

Provides Stealth Monitoring:

ikeymonitor ios stealth monitoring

Target user can’t detect whether it is installed on his/her phone or not. Also it works very smoothly so that not affects the processing of target device.

Stealth Screen Shots:

It takes screen shots after a definite interval which gives you a perfect monitoring on targeted person.

Calls and SMS Details:

It records all sent/received SMS and all call details which would help you to discover the truth.

Internet Browsing Details:

In this feature you can see all activities on internet like websites visited, bookmarks etc.

Details of Instant Messages

( Whatsapp, Skype, Line, Viber, Kik, Hangouts, Facebook etc. ): This is main feature of iKeyMonitor and keep track on all messages sent or received.

Activities on Social Networking Sites:

iKeymonitor facebook spy

It keeps track on activities on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Records Email Content:

iKeyMonitor records the content typed by capturing the sent mails.

GPS Tracking:

You can find the location of the targeted user with help of this software. It gives exact location of that person.

Multiple Languages Facility:

This software gives you the facility to change interface language and support popular languages around the globe.

So there is a huge list of features which helps you to discover the truth and gives you complete satisfaction.

To Visit Official Website of iKeyMonitor, Click Here >>>

Cell Phones Compatible with iKeyMonitor:

This software is compatible with Apple and Android phones.

iOS or Apple:

ikeymonitor ios

This app is compatible with all Apple phones and works very smooth with them. Also Jailbreaking is required to install iKeymonitor to the target iPhone.

Android Phones:

Yes it is also compatible with all android phones. Rooting is not necessary to install this app to any Android phone. But to activate screen shot, Whatsapp and Keylogging features you have to root target Android phone.

Money Back Guarantee:

This software is free for 3 days for iPhone users and also have 30 DAYS money back guarantee. So you don’t need to hesitate before purchasing this software.

Price and Plans:

If we talk about its price then it is genuine and reasonable. Standard pack is starting from $39.99 and Online pack is starting from $59.99. We recommend you to purchase online pack which offers you to see all data online. But decision is yours.

Click Here to See All Plans & Pricing

Final Decision:

After complete review we concluded that this is an impressive app which is made to work stealthily without any bug. We highly recommend iKeyMonitor as it is an oldest and reliable app for monitoring. Its best features are key logging capability, stealth screen shots, Spy on IMs including Kik messenger, record email content etc.

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