iOS 7.1 Brings Performance Improvements to iPhone 4


iOS 7.1 Brings Performance Improvements to iPhone 4
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APPLE’s iPhones which were supported by i OS 7 had to face a lot of criticism from the world of iPhone users. The main complaint was that the OS was too heavy for their iPhone 4, which seems to be correct to a great extent. Decrease in battery life was yet another problem faced by the users. Apple has recently brought out a new iPhone 4 upgrade, by the name of iOS 7.1. In this article, we will explore some of the features of this iPhone 4 upgrade.

iPhone 4 Upgrade

Tweaks and Easy Graphics

iPhone 4 Upgrade

The new iPhone 4 upgrade has many tweaks that can reduce the amount of graphics in simpe functions like screen transition and so on. Unnecessary graphics can thus be always dealt away with, thereby saving on battery life, which is never enough in the case of smart phones.

Faster, Better Performance

iOS 7.1 Performance

Though many claim that this new iPhone 4 upgrade doesn’t make the performance better, some suggest that a restoration and reset of the phone after the installation of this new iPhone 4 upgrade shows significant improvement in performance. The common opinion is that the new iPhone 4 upgrade has resulted in a generally faster iPhone 4.


CarPlay iOS 7.1

The new iPhone 4 upgrade has introduced an awesome new motor app called CarPlay that allows drivers to use hands-free mobile calling, texting. This indeed is the next generation of motor apps in mobile technology. One can even get turn by turn directions through a display mounted on the dashboard. However, this facility of the new iPhone 4 upgrade is available only in certain elite automobile manufacturers.

Better Responsiveness

Better Responsiveness iOS 7.1

The new iPhone 4 upgrade has brought about a remarkable change in the touch recognition system of the iPhones. This has caused the iPhones to respond quicker, and has increased the sensitivity of the screen.

Upgrade Suited For Iphone 4

Upgrade to ios 7.1

At a time where the iPhone 4 users were really looking ‘behind their times’, especially due to the slower performance of their phone, the iPhone 4 upgrade has come as a significant improvement. The faster iPhone 4 is now no more behind the times, thanks to the new iPhone 4 upgrade.

Longer Battery

ios 7.1 battery life

The iPhone 4 upgrade into iOS 7.1 has resulted in seemingly clear increase in battery life. Besides, the option to reduce graphic displays has further enhanced battery life, since the highest consumer of battery in smart phones is the display unit.

On the whole the iPhone 4 upgrade is a win-win situation for Apple’s customers. While addressing the grievances of its iPhone 4 users, the tech giant has also paved the way for the next in the series of iPhone as well as iOS.

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