Top Must Have Mobile Accessories


Top Must Have Mobile Accessories
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Using just a high tech mobile phone is just not cool enough. To enjoy the potential of your Smartphone, it has to be tagged along with some of the latest and hottest mobile accessories now available in store. There are a variety of awesome mobile accessories both for fun and ease, ranging from android installed media devices, wireless pet trackers, etc. Here is the list of a various mobile accessories that makes your Smartphone experience a whole lot easier

Top Mobile Accessories

Samsung HomeSync

Samsung HomeSync - Mobile Accessory

This mobile accessory is type of android hub that enables you to transform your TV into an android device. This is only a part of the feature of this mobile accessory. There are storage drives which enable you to exchange data among different devices; there are also media centers that allow you to stream contents, also there are other mobile accessory which enables you to transform your TV into a big screen android device. Samsung’s HomeSync is unlike any mobile accessory that you might have came across before. It is a set-top box with a very attractive design, a pure android devices. This android device has a 1.7-GHz dual-core ARM processor, a 1TB internal hard drive, allowing you to store any media files. Its improved media sharing ability allows this mobile accessory to share media files throughout the network and even over the internet.

ProtectQ with FingerQ

ProtectQ with FingerQ - Mobile Accessory

If your aim is to add security to your Smartphone or tablet, then you’ve came to the right place. This mobile accessory allows you to completely authenticate your personal device. This mobile accessory comes in two parts – A FingerQ software which you can install on your Smartphone or android device, there is also a ProtectQ hardware which can be tagged with your device enabling you a selection of finger print scanners. The combination of these products makes your device super safe and your information secure.


Tractive Pet Tracking

This is an interesting and cute looking mobile accessory. If you have a pet that wanders away often, then this is a mobile accessory that will certainly capture your interest. You can tag this device to the collar of your pet. If your pet wanders off, you can track it using 3G data and GPS tracking. You can also get updates about the whereabouts of your pet. Intelligent electronic fencing and a light allows you to track your pet in the dark.

Elecom Chargers and Cases

Elecom Chargers and Cases

Most companies are aimed at increasing the performance and specifications of mobile accessories. But some companies like to bring out the fun in manufacturing a mobile accessory. Elecom manufactured two new fun mobile accessories for iPhone 5 : they include a handy portable mobile charger having surprise app functionality ang a case having analog games adding fun to your digital iPhone 5.

vWand Bluetooth Pen

vWand Bluetooth Pen - Mobile Accessory

NFC technology and its applications is fast growing in modern world. Nowadays, all the upcoming Smartphone and tablets have an inbuilt NFC technology. Sometimes there are NFC tabs that your Smartphone doesn’t support. Moreover it is very if you have to read NFC tags all the time at work, you don’t want to rub your expensive Smartphone against rough surfaces. In times like these comes the use of a vWand wireless stylus. It is a mobile accessory which reads the NFC tag and transmits it to your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.


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