MobiStealth Review – Your Single Gateway to Spy Digital Life


MobiStealth Review – Your Single Gateway to Spy Digital Life
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Nowadays, after all these revolutionary technologies and applications, Smartphones & PCs have become some of the most effective ways to spy onto one’s personal and professional spheres of life! Understanding this fact, there was a rise in number of Smartphone and PC monitoring solutions in tech world, and choosing an effective solution to put a person under surveillance (with proper authority) has become a cumbersome task, despite one’s expertise in field. In that list, however, we have found an impressive Smartphone and PC monitoring solution — Mobistealth. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive review of Mobistealth, which is available for both Smartphone and Computers that are running on different platforms including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows and Mac. And, as first step of review, we will have an introduction to Mobistealth.

MobiStealth – Your Faithful Companion to Spy ANYONE

Recalling what we have mentioned above, Mobistealth is an all-in-one solution to monitor digital life of a person. For instance, suppose you want to know whether one of your employees is passing sensitive information to competitor firms in industry. Similarly, suppose you want to know if your children are visiting ‘undesired’ content on internet or do unwanted tasks in PC. In both cases, you will find Mobistealth to be extremely useful, because the tool has every feature that makes sense as a Smartphone or PC monitoring solution. Plus, Mobistealth is divided into two sections, Mobile Phone Spy and Computer Monitoring.

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Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy

Mobile Phone Spy section of Mobistealth is meant to help you monitor almost every task done by user you do target using Mobistealth. With respect to range of support, Mobistealth Mobile Phone Spy is classified into four — Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia/Symbian. Of course, there are a number of factors that distinguish these sections, and the main factor is type of activities or information that can be tracked. We will have a deeper look into each of these sections as we move on with this review.

Mobistealth PC Monitoring

As the name says, Mobistealth PC Monitoring solution will let you know what the targeted user does in his or her PC, let it be based on Windows or Mac. Mobistealth for PC brings number of productive features together in such a way that you will have an overview of the targeted device from any corner of world if you have access to internet.

Information that Can Be Monitored

Of course, you will be able to monitor different types of information using Mobistealth! However, there are notable difference in, what types of information can be monitored with respect to platform of targeted device. Now, we will have a look on information that can be monitored in each version of Mobistealth — in both mobile & PC categories!

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Mobistealth Android Monitoring Software ( No ROOTING required )

As you can guess, Mobistealth Android Monitoring Software is used to spy Android Smartphones! This tool offers its support for a wide variety of devices, including those of popular Smartphone manufacturers. Using Mobistealth, you can monitor following types of information from an Android device.

  • Text Messaging Logging: Using this section, you can have a look at SMSs sent or received by user
  • GPS Tracking: Mobistealth offers not only gives on time GPS location but also location history
  • Call Details: This section will let you know with whom the targeted user is in touch
  • Picture & Video Logging: From dashboard of Mobistealth, you can have a look to all videos & photos that are stored in targeted device.

And the best part of Mobistealth for Android is that the tool doesn’t want an Android device to be rooted to work. In addition, Mobistealth has some other features such as SIM Change Notification and Web History logging.

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Mobistealth iPhone Spy Software ( No Physical Access Required of Target iPhone/iPad and No Jailbreak Required )

Mobistealth iPhone Spy Software

On the other hand, if you are planning to put an iPhone under your personal surveillance, Mobistealth offers options for that as well.

Now you don’t require physical access of the target iPhone/iPad also jailbreaking is not necessary to spy on the target iphone / iPad. Click Here for more info on spying remotely and Non-Jailbreak-Solution. Major types of information you can track are:

  • Call Details, including accurate call logs from the successful installation of Mobistealth
  • Browser History Logging helps you know what the targeted user is accessing in World Wide Web
  • Location Tracking lets you have an idea about physical location of device and thus the person
  • WhatsApp and Messaging Logging: Using these, you can understand the digital messaging world of user

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Mobistealth BlackBerry Spy Software

Blackberry devices are quite popular for their protective behaviour when it comes to privacy! Yet, as a matter of BIG irony, you can use Mobistealth Blackberry Spy Software to spy on a Blackberry device. Using the tool, you can spy on following information.

  • Accurate location of device based on GPS
  • Call and Text Messaging Logs
  • BlackBerry Messenger Log
  • Contact Details and Email Logging
  • Picture Logging

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Mobistealth Nokia/Symbian Spy Software

Unlike all these, if your employee or children has refused to move on and stick on Nokia devices, Mobistealth has an option to help you as well. Using Mobistealth Nokia Spy Software, you can monitor following information from that targeted device.

  • History of Calls made and received
  • Picture and Contact Log
  • Text Message and Email Log
  • Accurate Location tracking through GPS

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Mobistealth Computer Spy Software for Windows & Mac

Mobistealth Computer Spy Software8

Using this tool, available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac, you can spy on a particular computer, and access the information from any part of globe. Notable types of information you can track are:

  • Keystroke Log: Well, Mobistealth has a perfect key logging solution built inside and it will record every stroke that is made.
  • Automatic Screenshot: It lets you know which tools are used by targeted user
  • Yahoo, Skype (Call and Chat), Facebook and Gmail chat logging
  • If the targeted device is a laptop, you can have access to its real-time location as well

Altogether, once you have installed Mobistealth Computer Spy Software in targeted Windows / Mac device, you can have access to almost every aspect of device in a way such that your monitoring process would be complete.

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User Interface

We were really impressed while checking out Dashboard of Mobistealth Spy Software. Team behind Mobistealth has made the UI as simple as possible and it does not require one to have previous experience in Smartphone tracking to get accustomed to the UI. Plus, for easiness of understanding, the dashboard has been divided into different sections and you can have details of each section by clicking on corresponding tab. Altogether, we will give full marks for UI of Mobistealth.

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It has to be noted that Mobistealth is compatible with almost every mobile phone carrier so that you will not find that much trouble in installing it. While Mobistealth offers support for almost every Android Smartphones out there, the iPhone version needs an iPhone to be jailbroken in order to have Mobistealth installed in it. On the other hand, if you have a blackberry device other than Q10 and Z10, Mobistealth will run smoothly and when it comes to PC part of the tool, you computer should have Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 OR Mac 10.6 and later as minimum requirement. In case of Nokia Monitoring software, all devices listed in Nokia Series 60 3rd, 5th Edition and Symbian 3 can work well with Mobistealth.

Decision Point

While considering all these factors, particularly simplicity of Dashboard UI, Mobistealth is, as we said earlier, an all-in-one solution that makes sense when you want to monitor devices that run on different platforms. For instance, if you are an employer who wants to track devices of your employees, you can just go with Mobistealth and you would find what you are looking for. Thus, if you are looking for a spying software for your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows based device, Mobistealth is a considerable option, indeed.

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Legal Disclaimer:

Spying on others’ Smartphones or devices without proper authority or their concern is a punishable offence and we do not promote this kind of spying; nor will we be responsible for legal consequences that may follow unauthorized use of such spying solutions.

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