Motorola Moto G Detailed Review


Motorola Moto G Detailed Review
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The most awaited android smartphone has released, so that the parties too. Motorola Moto G, the brand new name on android phone series has already stricken world markets.I think it is the only android budget smartphone which has gained this much attention. Demand for the phone is due to the exciting features. The biggest point about Motorola moto g is its price range, 2 versions of the phone is available at 2 different prices. We will get to it later on. Motorola is back into the game with Moto G. I hope motorola with moto g is going to do something exceptionally great. Let’s check out the hands on review of motorola moto g.

Motorola Moto G Review


Motorola Moto G Design

Let’s start reviewing motorola moto g from design interface itself. Motorola’s Moto G comes up with a 4.5 inch screen, which is small when compared to todays standards. Even Though it’s small it has nothing to do with the build up quality. Motorola Moto G is made of plastic all around, this make the phone smooth and somewhat slippery when holding. Headphone jack and micro usb port are centered on the top and bottom. The phone is easy to hand and you will see that with one hand you could get to any part of the phone. Like all other mid range phone Motorola Moto G’s back cover is customisable i.e. you could change the back cover according to your wish.


Motorola Moto G Display

Coming on to the display section, we could find some refreshing elements on moto g screen. Motorola Moto G comes up with a 4.5 inch screen with 329 pixels per inch. Colour reproduction is quite fine when compared to other smartphones under the same price range. Even the viewing angles are good, normally all mediocre smartphones are having poor viewing angles. One set back for motorola moto g screen is it’s not full hd,, nowadays peoples are very much used to 1080p screens. Overall this 720p motorola moto g screen is another example of how we don’t necessarily need a high resolution screen for enjoyable viewing experience.


Motorola Moto G Performance

Motorola Moto G comes up with a snapdragon 400, 1.2 Ghz Quad processor backed by adreno 305. Motorola Moto G is equipped with 1GB of ram. Performance is not actually not too shabby at all. I think moto g is having the best cpu under the price range its available. Better CPU means better performance. Before moto g , my favourite budget smartphone was sony xperia m but now it changed. According to me Sony xperia M is way much less than Motorola Moto G. Overall Motorola Moto G is the best performing android smartphone under an affordable budget.


Motorola Moto G Hardware

Coming on to the hardware front, Motorola tried to keep things very much simple. Onboard storage of 16GB or 8GB is available for moto g. As the storage space varies price range too varies. Looking to the speaker features, it lacks clarity and formness. Sound is quite loud for the price range it’s available. Call quality is quite good. Moto G is not a high speed gig, if you are looking for a mobile with high speed internet connectivity then this is not your phone. Motorola Moto G is not LTE compatible i.e. when you are using this phone with AT&T mobile you will only get 4G HSDPA connectivity. One of the biggest advantage of motorola moto g is it’s battery life. Motorola Moto G comes up with a 2070 mAh Li-ion battery which is quite sizable at the price range. I was able to go one and half day with moderate usage, if you are using the phone heavily then it won’t go that far.


Motorola Moto G Camera

When it comes to the camera, Motorola Moto G is equipped with a decent camera. Trust me this is not the best camera phone. If you are a guy who is looking for a great camera phone then this is not your gig. Motorola Moto G comes up with a 5 MP shooter and it’s backed up with a pretty simple interface developed by motorola. The pictures have good colour reproduction and brightness. Auto HDR is an awesome feature which enables the camera to determine whether the shot requires HDR or not. Picture quality is quite good like i said before, Once you zoomed into the details you will find that details aren’t there. You could also find a little bit of pixelation due to the low pixel count of the camera. Focusing takes little bit longer than you think. Overall this is a pretty decent camera phone.


Motorola Moto G Software

When it comes to software, we can see that it comes up with stock android os. Motorola Moto G comes up with a pretty decent software. You could experience almost zero lag while multi tasking. New android os won’t take that much power as the earlier one. The stock os provides awesome android experience.


Motorola Moto G Price

Finally come to the price. Motorola Moto G’s real strength lies on the price. At a price of 179$ you could get unlocked moto g ( 8gb ). Moto G is a phone for every man and every women. Price range is the thing which makes Motorola Moto G different from other phones.

Known Issues About Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G Review

Screen size is small, when compared to other smartphones under the same price range.

Battery is best under the price, but its not the best when compared to high end devices.

Camera is not the best, Nokia Lumia series offers the best camera phone under the price range.

Hope you all loved reading my hands on review of Motorola Moto G. If you have found this article interesting then please do share this piece of information with your friends.


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