mSpy User Review – Most Trusted Smartphone Monitoring Solutions


mSpy User Review – Most Trusted Smartphone Monitoring Solutions
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Still, most of us are amazed how mobile devices, particularly Smartphones, became part of our life in such a way that some of us cannot even complete a day without his or her Smartphone in hands. Because of this incredible growth in terms of popularity, nowadays, Smartphones have become the best way to do something that required manpower & time a while back — Spying! Yes, you heard us right — Smartphones are nowadays the best way to monitor each and every thing one does, especially in the digital sphere of his or her life.

A Real mSpy Review ( With No-Jailbreak-Required Solution )

mspy review

For instance, suppose your company has given Smartphones to your employees for professional purposes, such as making calls, accessing internet etc. However, you’re doubtful that some of your employees are using these devices for personal purposes (talking to his or her lover, free of cost ;)), as there was a hike in amount of voice and data bills. Moreover, you’re afraid that even confidential data you have shared with your employees are being revealed to someone else, probably your competitor in industry. In the same way, you might be looking forward to know whether your children are using their Smartphone for illegal or unwanted purposes. It doesn’t matter which among these is your case, we have come up with the review of a simple yet effective Smartphone monitoring solution — mSpy.

Mspy Official Website

Here, in this review, we will check out different aspects of this tool, focusing on how it is like to use mSpy to monitor Smartphones of your children or employees in such a way that you can understand, what they are doing with their Smartphone. First, we will have an introduction to mSpy, one of most popular, discussed and used solutions for Smartphone monitoring and spying.

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Note: Unless you have proper authority on the device being monitored, use of monitoring solutions, such as mSpy, is a legal offence. Also, it has to be noted that the person, who is being monitored, has to be notified of this method of surveillance that is currently in action. Thus, unless you follow above mentioned things, we do not recommend any of you to use mSpy and we will not be responsible for legal consequences that follow unauthorized monitoring of other people’s Smartphones.

mSpy — Your One-Stop Solution to Smartphone Monitoring

mspy for smartphones

Simply put, mSpy is a solution to monitor Smartphones, running on different operating systems such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS. Using mSpy, you will be able to monitor almost everything that happens in a Smartphone and the list of such things ranges from call logs to exact, GPS-based location of device. Once you’ve successfully installed the solution, mSpy, in the device to be monitored, dashboard of your mSpy account will be powerful enough to monitor not only the device but also the user, as it brings a lot of data such as location, call logs, messages, web-based chats, etc into the screen. What makes this surveillance solution better is its all-the-time customer care support, praise by a lot of international media, truly encrypted data, etc. Now, however, in order to understand mSpy in a better way, we shall have a look on different aspects of this solution. And, as the first part of it, we will check out what all things you can monitor by means of mSpy for phones.

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Use mSpy to Monitor

Around the globe, more than 1000000 customers of mSpy are using this surveillance service to monitor different sort of things that are done in a Smartphone. Major ones of those are as follows.


mspy on calls

If you are planning to use mSpy to know whether your employees are using Smartphones for personal purposes, this feature of mSpy to spy on calls section will be helpful. In this section, you can have access to incoming and outgoing calls of the person, being monitored. In Call Logs section, mSpy lets you know about a lot of details such as duration, time of call, contact name, etc. On the other hand, Incoming Call Restriction feature of mSpy lets you restrain users from receiving calls from specific numbers.

Text Messages & Email

mspy for mails and msgs

Just as the case of ‘Calls’, text messages section of mSpy gives you access to text messages that are sent or received by targeted user. Details of each SMS log include content of message, recipient and time stamp. If you think your kid or employee is making some unwanted communication through SMSs, you can make use of Text Messages Tracking part of mSpy. In the same way, by tracking Gmail for Android and Mail App for iOS, mSpy lets you spy on email section of targeted person. You can see content of both sent and received emails, time stamp and details of recipient or sender. So, your confusion on whether your employee is corresponding with competitor to share confidential data can be solved by means of this feature.

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Location Tracking

mspy location tracking

Since most of today’s Smartphones have GPS by default, determining targeted user’s location is an easy task when it comes to mSpy. Right from dashboard of mSpy, you can know GPS-based location of device and thus targeted user / users. Also, there is an option to check out his or her recent routes so that you can understand where the user has gone. We guess the feature will be useful when you want to know where your kids are or which routes they’ve gone so far. In addition, as a matter of productivity, location section of mSpy offers Geo-Fencing feature that enables you to set a specific border of location and get notified if the targeted person crosses the border. So, if you want to know when a employee of yours enters premises of your competitor, you can do that using mSpy!

Internet Usage

Mspy Internet Tracking

Along with above mentioned things mSpy gives you access to internet world of your employee as well! Using this, it’s possible to grab information such as URL of visited websites, time of visit, website bookmarks, etc. Plus, there is one option to moderate content by restraining access to specific websites, either for full time or during specific period. In addition, this section brings information about Wi-Fi connection to which the device has been connected. In another way, we can say that mSpy tells almost everything the targeted user does in his or her Smartphone after installation of mSpy in it.

Calendar & Contacts

Mspy Calls

If you want to have a look onto contacts and calendar of targeted user, it is also possible using mSpy. While access to Calendar Activities lets you know about targeted user’s upcoming or past events, contacts section of solution will let you know about people with whom he or she is in contact.

World of IMs

Mspy Whatsapp

Following dawn of Instant Messaging services, calls and messages have become somewhat outdated ways to keep in touch with each other and several services such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber etc have taken over the place. If you think your employees or children are engaging in some sorts of undesired communications using such platforms, you will be able to track their activities using mSpy dashboard. MSpy can give you access to the IM world of one targeted in following ways.

Social Networks: This section lets you check out everything that a user does using his social networking apps, such as Facebook.

iMessage: If you think the targeted user is mainly using iMessage to keep in touch, you can check out his/her iMessage chats as well.

WhatsApp: Well, yeah, WhatsApp chats.

Skype: This section can be used to track Skype calls as well as to read messages the user has sent or received in Skype.

Viber:  Free calls logs, group-messaging logs, sent and received media from Viber App

Snapchat: Using this section, you can check out all kinds of media-based data that is sent or received by user in Snapchat application. Well, as we have said earlier, you can find out everything about IM world of targeted user by means of such sections.

Media Access

Mspy Media Access2

In this section, you can access both photos and videos in targeted device along with some details. For instance, when it comes to a video, you can download that video as well as getting basic information such as time-stamp.

There’s More

If above mentioned features of mSpy are meant to give you access to personal life of targeted user, following ones do best in giving you remote control of the device, in which you have installed mSpy for surveillance purpose. While Installed Apps section of mSpy allows you to know apps that have been installed in targeted device and block some of them (or all of them) according to your requirement, key logger feature of mSpy tracks every key stroke that is made in device. In other words, the latter feature lets you the user’s usernames, passwords and everything else!

Some of other remote controlling features are:

Device Wipeout:

This command will erase every bit of information from targeted Smartphone.

Lock Device:

Use this feature to lock the device from further use. Additional Device Info section brings a lot of information such as battery charge, type of internet connection and mobile operator name. More than these, Secret Selfie feature of mSpy is something impressive. By setting up specific commands, you will be able to have access to camera of targeted device and thus take photographs as you wish. For instance, if you set up a specific time, the device will capture photos during that time, without notifying the user. The feature can use both front and rear cameras of device.

Mspy Remoting

Considering all that mSpy offers, it is clear that mSpy, as a monitoring solution, is powerful enough to let a customer monitor almost every aspect of targeted device and thus the user. So, once you install mSpy in targeted device, it’s a matter of a few seconds to overhear the other one’s world, let it be your employee or children.

Compatibility ( Now with No-Jailbreak-Required Solution )

( Note: In case of iPhone / iPad you don’t require jailbreaking and physical access of the target iPhone. You require only apple ID and password of the target iPhone / iPad. )

When compared to other monitoring solution, compatibility of mSpy is quite wider, indeed. To install mSpy in device to be monitor, you have to make sure that it has a minimum software specification as follows. It has to be noted that since mSpy is using internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile internet) to communicate with mSpy server, the device to be monitored has to be connected to internet.

Mspy Compatibility

In case of iPhones, it should be running on iOS v5.1.1 till v7.1.2. In addition, you have to jailbreak your iPad / iPhone if you want to spy instant messages otherwise mSpy doesn’t require Jailbreaking. For more information on Jailbreaking, go to What is Jailbreaking and to jailbreak iPhone now go to How to Jailbreak an iPhone.

When it comes to Android, minimum software requirement is Android v2.2 or later versions. However, if you want to get access to key logger and instant messaging tracking, device required to be rooted but for basic spy features device doesn’t require rooting. To know more about rooting, Go There

It runs on almost every blackberry device, except those run on BlackBerry 10 OS. In this sense, we can say that mSpy will be compatible almost every Smartphones out there! Thus, we give full marks to mSpy in terms of compatibility.

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Plans and Pricing

Since there are different customers with different requirements of Smartphone monitoring, mSpy has come up with different plans. Now, we will have a look on those plans and what they do offer. Two plans are available in mSpy for phones — basic and premium. Despite the fact that both these plans do not have difference in terms of major features, such as location tracking or call tracking, the basic version lacks some features that make mSpy a bit more productive. Geo-fencing, Secret Selfie, Snapchat tracking and incoming call blocking are a few of such features. Prices for mSpy Basic Package:

  • mSpy Basic (1 month) : $29.99
  • mSpy Basic (3 months) : $59.99
  • mSpy Basic (12 months) : $99.99

Prices for Premium Package:

  • mSpy Premium (1 month) – $69.99
  • mSpy Premium (3 months) – $119.99
  • mSpy Premium (1 year) – $199.99

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User Interface

Mspy UI

In light of our experience with mSpy, we can say that its UI is one of the factors that make mSpy the best in the list of Smartphone monitoring solution. Throughout the solution, we can observe the minimalistic approach that designers and developers have adopted. For instance, we can consider case of mSpy Dashboard, which is the link between you and targeted user. The dashboard has been arranged in an organized way that one will not have single doubt on, how to use it to spy on your employee or children. If you have linked different Smartphones or devices with mSpy account, you will have an effective dashboard that combines all those devices. Once you have selected the device you want to monitor, you’ll see a page that brings device info, cell phone activity, most contacted people, location history etc in first page. And, if you want to go further, you can click on individual sections such as Locations, Browser History etc.

Mspy Demo Button

Altogether, UI of mSpy is really intuitive that one can hardly be confused. Plus, to make things a bit more clear, mSpy has also included video-based tutorials in their YouTube channel. However, if you face any issues in finding proper tutorials, you can use the customer support team, which is something excellent, and customer support team will tell you everything that has to be done.

Other Things We Loved

Mspy Setup

Easy Setup:

Comparatively easier procedure of setup is a noticeable factor when it comes to mSpy! It takes a few minutes for you to install mSpy on a Smartphone if you have physical access to it, meaning that you have to have that Smartphone with you. For instance, if you want to monitor a Smartphone that is given to your employee, you will have to get that device, finish the installation procedure and give it back to him or her. Refund Policies of mSpy are really impressive that you have to use mSpy only if it meets your requirement! Excellent customer support through different methods — Email, Live chat and phone support

Final Verdict

And, now, it’s time for decision! In this review, we have checked out different aspects of mSpy by considering it as an effective solution for Smartphone monitoring. And, in all sections, mSpy has proved that it is worth, what you pay as far as your intention is to set up an effective form of surveillance on your employees or children, especially to know what they are doing in the ‘techy’ sphere of life.

Mspy Virdict

Nevertheless, it has to be noted that all these acts of surveillance is done by means of an internet connection and all your actions will be futile if the targeted user decides to turn off his or her internet connection. Yet, in a world where internet rules, we do not expect a professional to do such a task at any cost. Nor we do expect children to exclude them from world of WIDE web. Thus, putting things again in the same bowl, it becomes clear that mSpy is the best when you want to set up Smartphone surveillance in a better way. What do you think about this solution, by the way? We are eager to know!

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