Top Navigation Apps for Android


Top Navigation Apps for Android
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I think you all know how important is navigation apps in day to day life. Each and every one have used any of the navigation apps listed below. Today in this article I would list out some of the top navigation apps for android which would convert your android device into a navigation tool. If you are an android user who don’t want to use the stock navigation apps, here is a list of top navigation apps for android users. Almost all the navigation apps on the list are available on google market, some of them are available for free and some are not. Let’s list down some of the top navigation apps for android.

Navigation Apps for Android

Sync : GPS Navigation and Maps

GPS Navigation and Maps

Sync is named as the top navigation apps for android devices because it’s the most downloaded offline GPS app. It has got additional downloadable maps of different countries, states etc. Looking on to the number of downloads on google play, we could understand why it’s named as the best navigation app for android. Trial version of the app is available for free download. Some of the key features of Sync navigation app is given below

High quality maps with correct directions and correct routes.

3D cities and landscapes

Voice enabled navigation

Speed limit display

Speed tracking camera warnings

Warnings for sharp curves, narrow roads, toll roads and all

SOS assistance

These are some of the awesome features of sync navigation apps, You could try this navigation app for android devices, by downloading the trial version from GOOGLE PLAY.

Google Map

Navigation Apps Android - Google Map

Google map is one another navigation app for android devices. Google navigation app has got half a billion users all around the globe. Since this app is created by google itself, the routes and other navigation features would be very much accurate. Apple recommends google map as the alternative for it’s default navigation app. Google maps can be easily switched to map or satellite view. If you are on a slow network , map view is recommended. Android users would surely love it’s user friendly interface. You could download google map navigation app for android devices directly from google play.


MapQuest Android App

MapQuest is one another navigation app for android devices which is very much helpful when you are stucked on a traffic. You could use your own voice for giving commands to the navigation app. This navigation has a hands free input, so that you could concentrate on your driving. You could also share your current position with others. Only setback for this app is, it is an online app i.e. it requires internet connection for navigation process. MapQuest automatically updates the road incidents and traffic flow every 5 minutes. These are some of the reasons why this navigation app is in the list of top navigation apps for android devices.

Co-Pilot Live Premium

Co - Pilot Live Premium Navigation Apps

Co Pilot premium is another navigation app for android which helps you while driving to an unfamiliar location. Co Pilot premium navigation apps are available in different versions depending upon the location. This is also an online navigation app. Co Pilot Live Premium has got a unique feature of customizing the routes depending upon the vehicle you are on.

BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS

BackCountry Navigator Pro GPS Apps

This is specially developed for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, trekking etc. It is also used for finding paved roads, streets etc. You could explore the wild using this navigation app. It’s been proved that this is the best off road navigation app for android devices. You could download the app from google play.

Hope you all loved reading some of the top navigation apps for android devices. If you want me to add more navigation apps to this list, please do share your suggestions using the comment section/ contact us page of the blog.

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