Nokia Lumia 525 Review


Nokia Lumia 525 Review
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Besides arguments from Windows Phone haters, regarding the extra simplicity of User Interface as well as absence of productive apps, Nokia Lumia 520 is a successful Smartphone that fits itself in the budget-friendly category! Now, having understood the insufficiencies of the mentioned device, Nokia has come up with a revised form of the device, which is dubbed as Nokia Lumia 525. Unlike you think the addition of 5 makes enough sense in every section of that device. Here, to let our readers know more about the device as well as its notable additions from the predecessor in series, we would like to review Nokia Lumia 525! After reading this review, we hope you would be able to decide if is it sensible to spend an extra 2000 INR, and choose this revised counterpart rather than predecessor.

Nokia Lumia 525

At the First Glance

Nokia Lumia 525

Chances are quite high that you might get confused to distinguish between Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 525, as the design and build sections of both these devices are almost same. Just like the case of its predecessor, this device has a 4-inch IPS Display screen along with a screen resolution of 480*800. Of course, screen and resolution are quite satisfactory, and worth the money, you spend. Just like this case, Nokia Lumia 525 boasts support to interchange the back panel. Viewing all these together, the design section of Nokia Lumia 525 is of course impressive and there is no room for a second thought in this matter. The only different between Lumia 520 and 525 is that Lumia 525 is having a glossy finish whereas the former has a matte finish. This is no big deal, because you can use the matte-finish-based back cover in Nokia Lumia 525 if you want so.

Performance Section

Nokia Lumia Performance Section

Nokia has used Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC in Lumia 525, which consists of a 1GHz, Dual Core Krait Processor and Adreno 305 GPU. Of course, both these components have proved themselves sufficient to power uninterrupted user experience. When combined with 1GB RAM, the performance section of Nokia Lumia 525 seems quite undeniable. In addition, Nokia has packed a 1430mAh battery in the device, which helps users enjoy Smartphone experience for not only without lags but also with extended usage time. The device sports an internal memory of 8GB; you can use a SD Card to expand memory storage up to 64GB. Besides these, we should also count the SkyDrive space of 7GB.

Media & Connectivity

Media & Connectivity Nokia Lumia 525

Talking about media, we should include the 5MP Camera of Nokia Lumia 525 into primary consideration. Although it lacks support for Flash, this is the best you can get for the mentioned budget. When it comes to connectivity section, Nokia Lumia 525 is capable of satisfying the majority. The device offers support for HSPA, GPS+GLONASS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0!

Software (Welcome, Additions)

Nokia Lumia Software

Just like its predecessor, Nokia Lumia 525 runs on Windows Phone 8, but the manufacturer has included support for several features. Major features include some apps such as Nokia Camera & App Folders, access to Gameloft games, which actually cost around 2000 INR, etc. Obviously, these apps and additions would be welcomed by most of users, and we are ready to bet on that!

Verdict & Decision on Upgrade

nokia lumia review

Thus, though changes do not make a notable effect in device, we should say Nokia Lumia 525 is an awesome device, and the upgrade makes enough sense. However, it is our opinion, and we would like to hear yours.

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