Rocket VPN: The Best VPN App for Android & iOS Users


Rocket VPN: The Best VPN App for Android & iOS Users
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A VPN ( virtual private network ) app lets you to surf internet candidly without any boundation that means it enables you to access the blocked websites, apps, games and other stuff securely. Also it increases your security & privacy and any third party can’t monitor your device’s activities. If you are using a free WiFi network then this app also make you secure and confidential on this unsecured network. In other words it is must have app for every cell phone if you want to increase your limits and security on the internet.

Why Only Rocket VPN?

best free unlimited vpn for android

There are a lot of VPN apps available in the market but decent and secure apps are rare. VPN app for your cell phone should be reliable. Next thing is that it should work smoothly with operating system without affecting the speed and performance of the phone.

Now if there is an app available which possesses all of these qualities in addition to free 250MB surfing per month then there is no reason to move towards any other VPN app. This app is developed by award-winning “Liquidum Limited” which is an outstanding app development company with overall 4+ rating. Rocket VPN has users’ given 4.3 rating in Android market and 4+ rating in Apple store.

To Download Rocket VPN for Android, Please Click Here

What Will You Get?

After installation you will get 250MB free data to surf on both Android and iOS. After connecting to any server ( USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Japan, France, Germany ) you can surf in your own browser or in Rocket-browser  and carry out the following tasks:

  • You will be able to access the blocked websites, games, apps and all other matter.
  • This app is location independent that means you can use it in any country around the globe.
  • You can use the Rocket VPN browser for maximum security.
  • Make quick launch for your apps and connect to your preferred location.
  • Keep your personal information safe by encryption.
  • Prevent anyone to track your identity.
  • Block strangers from spying on you.
  • Stay incognito on unsecured wifi networks.

To Download Rocket VPN for iOS, Click Here

What Users Think about?

Best VPN App for Android & iOS

Rocket VPN crossed 45,00,000 installs which shows its success as a VPN app. Its users’ rating is 4.3 stars on Android market and 4+ rating on apple market which shows its quality and users’ interest. Also if users face any trouble then their customer executives are always ready to fix the bugs, but it rarely happens because most of the users don’t have any difficulty even after years long use. Therefore most of the users have positive feedback and they recommend this app to others who are still searching for a real VPN app.


I have installed Rocket VPN on my Android phone ( Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 ) and iPhone 6 to review its performance. I am using this VPN app in both cell phones for 25 days and till now I don’t have any issue regarding its working or performance. After one day I purchased its one month subscription on both cell phones and enjoying unlimited surfing. Its graphics are marvelous and user interface is really breathtaking.

So ‘Rocket VPN: Internet Freedom’ is the distinctive VPN app which allows you to surf internet  securely, anonymously and boundlessly without affecting the performance of your cell phone.

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