Top 10 World War 2 Weapons


Top 10 World War 2 Weapons
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World War2, the darkest phase of world history. New generation kids knows about world war 2 because of the living signs in hirozima and nagasaki. World War 2 was one of the deadliest war witnessed by human kind. Let’s check out the list of weapons used in world war 2. World war 2 marked the use of nuclear weapons, even after 70 years these are still the deadliest weapons.

World War 2 Weapons


Bazooka World War 2

Bazooka or man portable anti tank rocket launcher was designed by Edward Uhl in the year 1942. It was mainly used by the United States of America. The specification of an average M1 Bazooka is:

Length: 137 cm

Weight: 5.9kg

Range: 370 m effective at 140m

Thompson Submachine Gun

Thompson submachine Gun

The name Thompson was named after John T Thompson who invented this American Submachine Gun in the year 1918. It was many street names like Chicago Piano, Chicago Typewriter, and Tommy Gun etc. Specification is:

Length : 85 cm

Weight: 4.9 kg

Effective range : 50 m

Rate of fire : 600-1500

Type 94 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun

Type 94 37 mm Anti-Tank Gun

This anti tank gun was designed by the Imperial Japanese Army in the year 1936. It’s equipped with wheels to move around easily. During the Second World War almost 3500 were made by Japan. It’s specifications are :

Length : 290 cm

Weight : 324 kg

Effective range : 2870 m

Rate of fire : 30 rpm

Light Tank

Light Tank World War 2

Light tank which were more effectively use by Americans during the Second World War. It was designed in the late 1930s. It can accommodate 4 soldiers namely commander, loader, driver, co-driver. The specifications are:

Length : 443cm

Width : 247cm

Height : 265cm

Armour: 6-25mm

Operational-range: 320km

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Browning Automatic Rifle

Browning Automatic Rifle

It’s an automatic rifle which is designed by United States of America in the year 1917.It was designed by John Browning for Colt’s Patent Firearms. Over 100000+ numbers were built. Its specifications are:

Length : 119.4cm

Weight : 7.25Kg

Effective-range : 100-1500 yards

Rate of fire : 500-650 rpm


AVS 36 Gun

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This automatic rifle was designed by the Russians in the year 1936 by Sergei. About 34000 numbers were built during the Second World War period. AVS-36 is capable of both automatic and semi-automatic fire. It’s specifications are:

Length : 1.23m

Weight : 4.3kg

Action : Gas-Operated

Rate of fire : 800 rounds/min


Carcano rifles


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This model is used for the assassination of John F Kennedy. It’s basically used name for Italian bolt-action military rifles. Carcano was produced by Italy for Japanese Empire. Its specifications are:

Length : 1015mm

Weight : 3.4 g

Effective firing range : 600m

Action: Bolt action.

Mauser c96

Mauser c96 Pistol

In 1896 gun manufacturer Mauser developed for German arms. Its basically is a semi-automatic pistol. It was designed by Feederie Brothers in 1895. Its specifications are:

Length : 312mm

Weight : 1130g

Effective-range: 1500-200m

Action: recoil

Model 24 Hand Grenade

Model 24 Hand Grenade

Its place of origin is from Germany and was designed in 1915. The main users were Germany, Russia, Japan, china etc. its specifications are:

Length: 366mm

Weight: 595g

Detonation time : 5ec

Enfield Revolver

Enfield Revolver

Royal Small arms company which is a government owned company designed it in the year 1879. It can fire a maximum of 6 bullets each in on shot. Its specifications are:

Length: 292mm

Effective-range: 22m

Rate of fire :18 rounds/min

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