Top 5 Social Networking Sites


I suppose one of your browser tab is having it. By “It” I mean any of the social networking sites. There are many social networking sites available over the internet. These social networking sites plays a major role in sharing ideas and views. It acts as a medium of idea exchange. Today in this article I would list out some of the top social networking sites. There are hell lot of social networking sites out of those, I would list out just 5. These 5 sites would be the best and most used ones. Starting with Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook.

Top Social Networking Sites


Facebook Image

I suspect that the inactive tab on your browser is facebook. According to surveys it’s been said that facebook is the most used social networking sites. Day by day number of users signing up for facebook is increasing. We could say we are going through a fb era. Facebook was started by a howard university dropout, with facebook he made millions. It’s been said that 40% of the entire population is having a facebook account. China and India holds the major share of facebook accounts. Signing up procedure is quite simple so that everyone could sign up for fb accounts.



Twitter lost it’s fame when facebook came into act, but still it remain at the number 2 spot. You could connect anyone in the world by just following. You could also sent your messages in the form of tweets. Signing up procedure is just easy so that anyone could sign up to twitter. Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. Within a short span of time it came into limelight. Within 2013 it gained 500 million registered users. This is the reason why i retained twitter on the second position.

Google Plus+

Google Plus

After the crash of orkut google has kept on trying to keep up to facebook and twitter but it didn’t get into effect. Still google has got something for their fans it’s google+ even though its not upto the standards of fb ( in the no of active users ) still its a good social networking site. Bloggers often use these social media because +1’s usually helps them to improve search engine rankings.



Pinterest is one of the fast growing social media. It is basically made for sharing images, finding images and for other multimedia usages. Pinterest was ranked among the top 10 social media websites for 2013 by some major tech related magazines. Pinterest was founded on 2010, within short span of time it came into lime light. Pinterest has got the potential to become the next facebook.



Linkedin, it’s the oldest on the list. Linkedin was found on 2003 it is basically for professional people while other social medias covers all kind of people. If you are looking for a job or want to get your life secured then linkedin is one of the best source. According to the latest surveys it’s been said that linkedin has 240 million users around the globe.

This list is a limited one there hell lot of social media websites out there but these are some of the best ones among those. Hope you all loved reading the article, please share your feedbacks under comment section. Subscribe our newsletter for latest technology updates.

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