Why iOS is Better Than Android


Why iOS is Better Than Android
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Google Android and Apple iOS, when combined, is a good mixture to start a very hot discussion among users as well as geeks! It also seems like the quarrel between fans of both these mobile operating system never ends! Therefore, we are not going to say that one OS is good and the other one is bad. However, in this article, we would share some of strong reasons why Apple iOS is better than the other with you! As we mentioned earlier, we have no intention to say that Google Android is bad, as we know Android too has some exclusive features, but these bragging rights of iOS are impressive, indeed. We hope that these reasons are strong enough to force a shift from Android to iOS, unless you are a Linux geek!

Security at TOP – So Do Privacy


ios vs android

Recently, we came to listen to some news regarding the malware infection in Android devices, which does cause the exposure of different private information! On the other hand, when it comes to the case of iOS-based devices, which include your favourites such as iPod, iPhone and iPad, you will have no tensions of security issues, as Apple Inc did an awesome job in ensuring privacy of each iOS-based device. Of course, you can understand from the less or no issues regarding security flaws in iOS. Obviously, the assurance of security and privacy is a reason why iOS is better than the Google counterpart is.

Apple Services – Simply Exclusive


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Since the platform is from the tech giant, Apple Inc, you have plenty of features & services to explore using iPhone or iPad or yours! Most interesting fact about this is that other companies are not capable of providing same features or services with same quality. For instance, you can consider iCloud, iTunes, etc into the list, and we bet that Android is not providing such features, despite the fact that you may use some third party software for the purpose. Why select the third-party method, while Apple iOS is ready with in-built features.

Applications – Quality and Not Quantity


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Before you start arguing, let us say that number of application is not the factor to determine the purposefulness of a mobile operating system. Moreover, why on earth you are going to convert your Smartphone into a server? In those words, we would say that iOS offers a large number of productive, quality-rich, applications that would enrich your Smartphone or Tablet PC experience. It is also noticeable that there are some exclusive applications for Apple iOS, which are still a dream for Android users.

Functionality Makes Sense



Have you ever heard that an Apple iOS device came to suspend due to software issues? Chances are very high, as the OS is a great example for top-notch and functional User Interface! Although the customization label of Android may be an attractive feature for Geeks, as a normal user, you can nothing to do with it. In that sense, it is wise enough to choose the functional iOS experience, rather than going with the bloatware-rich Android devices, which make usage even sluggish.

Do you have any opposition for these reasons? We are waiting for your valuable comments! We hope that at least some of Android geeks have a word toward this!

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