The 5 Best iOS Games


The 5 Best iOS Games
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ios is a good platform packed with some awesome games. Today in this article I would like to introduce some of the best ios games. Some of the games on the list are free and some are not. So it’s upto you to choose the best ios games. Come on let’s check out the best games for ios.

The Best iOS Games

Hero Academy

Best iOS Game Hero Academy

The first game we are going to look into is hero academy, it’s an awesome game and it’s a turn based strategy game for ios platform. Each character and each team has unique abilities, so it’s upto you to choose the best character and team for playing. Hero academy was rated as the best strategy game for ios platform.

Click here to download :Hero Academy – Robot Entertainment

Warriors 2

Best iOS Game Warriors 2

Warriors 2 is one of the best ios game, it’s a pretty cool game like god of war. This game consists of a single player campaign and a multiplayer which is pretty cool. Looking on to the graphics section, this game has brilliant graphics. For a first timer controlling the character is pretty tough, but once you become a regular player you will get used to it’s controls. In this game you can also do combo attacks like all other games.

You can download this game here : Eternity Warriors 2 – Glu Games Inc.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Best iOS Game Need For Speed  Most Wanted

This is one of the most wanted and most played game on Need for speed series. This was my favourite racing game on windows and android platform. This is a paid game, it worth each penny. When I played this game on galaxy s3 it was lagging a bit but it works flawlessly on IOS platform. Interface of the game is very much similar to that of windows and android os. Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of the best racing game for ios. Actually this game has one of the best controls. If you want to play this game then you need to buy it. So grab your copy as soon as possible.

Download this game here :Need for Speed™ Most Wanted – Electronic Arts

Backbreaker 2 Vengeance

Best iOS Game Backbreaker 2 Vengeance

I am very much happy to add this game on my list of best games for ios. It is a great sequel to the first game. Backbreaker game series is available on android platform too but its not that good as that in ios platform. Basically there are two game modes available they are tackle alley and vengeance mode. Vengeance mode is pretty awesome when compared to the other one. Only thing I don’t like on this game you gotta tilt forward to run. If you are lying on a bed then it’s quite difficult to adjust. Graphics is bit animated, but the gameplay outclasses it.

Click here to download :Backbreaker 2: Vengeance – NaturalMotion

Pool Bar

Best iOS Game Pool Bar

Last in the list of best games for ios is a pool game. You may be wondering how could a pool game enter into the list of top games for ios. Don’t worry it has got all qualities to be in the list. This game is pretty cool because I like to play this game with my cousins and friends. The game has simple 3D graphics and it’s one of the best pool games. Background noises while playing the game is quite awesome, it gives you a feeling that you are in a coffee shop or a pool club. These are some of the reasons why I added a pool game into my list of best games for ios.

Download here :Pool Bar – Online Hustle – Future Games of London

These are some of the best games for ios. There are hell lot of games available, it’s quite difficult to select the best games. I think i tried my level best to add some of the best games for ios. Hope you all loved reading my article. If you have a better list than this, please feel free to share with us.

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