Apple brings CarPlay to iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1


Tech-giant apple has announced the introduction of CarPlay in iPhone and iPad. Now, let us begin from scratch. What is CarPlay? It is a motor app for iPhone that allows the user to safely use features like texting, making calls, and such common applications hands-free, while driving. With a built-in screen on the dashboard, the user can even access turn by turn signals and directions using this app. However, at present, only the makers of some elite model automobiles will be able to use this feature. The models include certain makes of Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo. But other manufactures like Honda, Jaguar, etc are also in line to get this new feature of CarPlay in iPhone and iPad.

CarPlay to iPhone and iPad

What It is

CarPlay to iPhone and iPad

CarPlay in iPhone and iPad is an iOS app in effect. The main use of this app I that it allows hands-free control of your mobile device while driving. You only need to push a button placed conveniently, to activate Siri, and the app will do the rest, recognising voice commands with the help of Siri. CarPlay in iPhone and iPad can also be used to get specific directions and maps if you have a built-in screen on your dashboard.

What Does It Actually Do

CarPlay to iPhone

CarPlay in iPhone and iPad can be used for a variety of applications, including the most commonly used ones like making calls and text messaging. It actually reduces the amount of concentration needed to operate the mobile device while driving, and thus allows better concentration on the road.

What Are Its Advantages


CarPlay in iPhone and iPad has a large number of merits. They can be listed as follows:

> Ease of driving – Once you don’t have to worry about keeping the phone on your shoulder in a shrug while driving, or connecting a headphone while balancing the steering like a performer, driving becomes an easy task.

> No loss of important communications – CarPlay in iPhone and iPad prevents any loss of communication that may occur when you avoid a call or message, because you are driving.

> Lesser accidents – CarPlay in iPhone and iPad can go a long way in making roads safer. Reducing the number of deaths occurring due to use of phones while driving is a great service that CarPlay in iPhone and iPad does to the users.

What Are Its Demerits

CarPlay with iOS 7.1

> Limited – Well, to start off, CarPlay in iPhone and iPad is only available in select models of certain elite automobile brands like Ferrari, Volvo, Mercedes, etc.

> Encourages use of phone while ddriving – However hands-free the technology is, there will occur a loss of concentration on the road once you begin talking on the phone.

As a concluding note, CarPlay in iPhone and iPad is a visionary technology that can results in safer driving environments and roads; while at the same time, steps should be taken to avoid the use of phone while driving, unless the need is so urgent.

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