Find the Perfect File Manager App for Your Android Phone


File manager is pretty much important for every operating system. Today am here to help you finding some of the top file manager android apps. If you have a hell lot of files to manage then you would need a good file manager. Since android is world’s largest mobile os I am restricting my talk to it. What is the basic function of a file manager app. Have you ever thought about it ? If you haven’t thought about it don’t worry I am here to help you guys.

A File manager android app helps you to arrange the files according to your wish. If you can arrange your files according to your wish then you access the files easily. Literally file manager does the job of a librarian. Check out some of the top file manager android app which would help you a lot in arranging the files.

List of Best File Manager Android Apps

Root Browser

Root Browser - File Manager App

First in the list of top file manager android apps is Root Browser. Root Browser is one such file manager android app which would help you in arranging the files. This app specialises in browsing the entire system and it’s predominantly meant for people with root access. This file manager android app has a great ability to manage compressed files. This android app is a paid one. You could get this app for a reasonable rate of 0.79$ from google play store.

File Manager by Rhythm Software

File Manager By Rhythm Software

Next on our list is File manager Android app by rhythm software. It has got all the best features to be listed among the top file manager apps for android. This file manager android app consists of many cool features like streaming support, cloud storage support and FTP Access support. It may not look as the best File manager android apps but still it’s very easy to use, it’s the main reason why I have added this file manager android app.

PowerGrasp File Manager

PowerGrasp File Manager

Next on the list is PowerGrasp file manager android app. This File manager app is well known for its sleek and cool interface and easy to use features. Basically this file manager app is optimized for tablets. If you are in search of a simple File manager android app then this is the best one you could get. You could get this app from Google play store

ES File Manager

ES File Manager

ES File Manager is one another file manager android app which help you in managing your files. This app has been around for a long time, but the developers tried their level best for updating the app with some more cool features. This app manager supports a large number of languages. If you want to try it out feel free to download the app from google play store.

These are some of the top File Manager Android Apps which would help in arranging the files. These apps does the works without much mess. Hope you all loved reading my article n File Manager android apps. If you want me to add more file manager android apps please do share your list with us.

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