5 Must Have Android Apps


5 Must Have Android Apps
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The 5 must have android apps which you will be needed to reduce your daily needs are given below. By having good apps we can enjoy using our devices more freely and easily. So these are my favourite android apps. Check out my list.

Must Have Android Apps

Event Flow Calendar

Event Flow Calendar Android App

Event flow calendar is the first in the 5 must have android apps. Although our device has a default event organizer, this widget will give you and extra easy way to organize your daily routines. This will show you what to do list and other important appointments right at your home screen. You can also check the weather using this app with ease. It can handle multiple calendars easily. Since it is able to do this much multi tasking at a faster rate than any other known apps, this app stays first on my list of must have android apps.

UC Browser

UC Browser best android app

Next on the list of 5 must have android apps is UC browser. A mobile without a proper browser is lame. UC browser will adapt to your internet connection. The latest version now has cloud acceleration and data compression technology. UC browser has special feature like to improve the download speed upto 15 % if they are using 3G or Wifi internet connections. New versions are really improved and have facilities like taking screenshots, gesture controller, language translator etc.

Tune Wiki

Tune Wiki Android App

Number third on the list of 5 must have android apps is Tune wiki. Tune wiki is a music player in which one can listen to song with its lyrics that will tell you the whole story. It also helps you to create photos and lyrics and share it with your friends. It’s also featured in 5 must have android apps because it can also translate lyrics to 40+ languages. The user can also check who all are listening to their songs worldwide. You can also create and edit your playlist with ease.


Whatsapp Android App

Whatsapp is definitely on the list of 5 must have android apps. Whatsapp is a multi platform messenger. One can send any number of messages, which may be a simple text message or any multimedia messages like pictures, videos, contact, voice note etc. It literally took the word texting to a new level. There are no international charges as well, only a charge which is applicable is the data charges which vary for different networks. The user need not be confused about the fact whether they are logged in or logged out, which means whatsapp is always on. Only a yearly payment is there for using this wonderful app.

Mx Player

Mx player Android App

Next on the list of 5 must have android apps is Mx player. It has multi code decoding that is it has both hardware and software acceleration so that the videos can be viewed without any lag. It also has multi-core decoding which improves performances up to 70% more. Just like zoom a photo one can pinch zoom in and out using mx player. It also supports subtitle formats like .srt .smi .ssa etc. Subtitles can be easily scrolled forward and backward much faster and easier.

So MX PLAYER, WHATSAPP, UC BROWSER, TUNEWIKI, EVENT FLOW CALENDAR are the 5 must required app for an android device. Ensure that your android gig contains all these apps. Hope you all loved reading the article. Please do share and comment your feedbacks under the comment section of the blog. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates.

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