Top Free Apps for iPhone


Top Free Apps for iPhone
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One of the eminent reasons for success of iPhone in Smartphone world is the presence of innumerous Apps, which actually make Smartphones ‘REALLY SMART’. Even though other platforms like Android have Apps, the case of iOS is quite different; when you observe applications in iTunes store, you can understand that majority of iPhone Apps are quality-rich ones! Because of the expensiveness of developer account, and tight valuation of apps, iPhone Apps may be a bit expensive. Yet, you can find many free Apps in iTunes Store, which can emancipate your Apple iPhone from the label of ‘cell-phone’, and hence to uplift it to ‘Smartphone’. Here, in this article, we would like to list out top free Apps for your Apple iPhone!

Top Free Apps for iPhone


facebook for iphone

When he developed Facebook, even Mark Zuckerberg would not have thought that his work would be one incredible medium of communication of this age! And, why should we miss this free Application in this list? Yes, Facebook for iPhone is one of the popular, free applications for iPhone, which you can download and install from iTunes Store. Of course, as you can guess, you can use ‘Facebook’ to access Facebook, and do whatever you want. In addition to standard features, you can also do some ‘check-in’ feature using the GPS of your iPhone.


Instagram for iPhone

Do you want to exhibit your photography skills to the World Wide Web through your iPhone? If so, you would not be incredulous about installing Instagram in your device. Instagram has many features rather than other photo sharing apps, and yet you can install the application without spending a penny. The application, which does also allow video recording, has tight integration with popular social networking so that you will get maximum exposure for both your videos and photos.


Netflix for iPhone

We hope that Netflix is a must-install application for both movie and TV freaks, who do not want to miss any episode of favourite TV programme. You might be familiar with Netflix, the subscription service, which lets you listen to your favourite movies and TV programmes, and iPhone application of the service would really impress you, we are sure of it! This application would be really useful when you are travelling or something. Because, no matter the location or your activities, you can use this application to keep your bond strong with favourite flicks and TV programme. What you need for using this application is just your iPhone and a Netflix account!


Flashlight for iphone

Your Apple iPhone has a powerful flashlight with all other features, and this application helps you truly utilize it in a way that the light would be inevitable for you! Let us put it in this way, once you have installed this application in your device, you can use the flash of your iPhone as a torch, which would be really useful in some situations. Also, the tool has some additional features as well.

Temple Run

Temple Run for iPhone

At last, we have found an awesome game for your iPhone, which you would love to play all the time. Temple Run is now the star of iPhone games, indeed. In this game, what you have to do is to run, run, and run, until you get tired! Isn’t that awesome?


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