What Does Jailbreaking An iPhone Mean?


What Does Jailbreaking An iPhone Mean?
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Sometimes people talk about jailbreaking but you don’t understand the meaning of jailbreaking, why people need to do jailbreak their iphone and is it safe for iOS? Here we are providing the complete information about jailbreaking.

What is Jailbreaking

The term jailbreaking is very popular these days. This is required if you want to install some cool programs to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which are not available on Apple Store. IOS is a strict operating system which don’t allow any third party application to install on it. But nowadays many operating systems are present in the market which are challenging the iOS and offering extra features to their users. So Apple decided to give an alternate way to install third party applications and this is called Jailbreaking.

Why Jailbreak Your iPhone

Why Jailbreak

Sometimes you need to install third party applications to your iPhone but iOS don’t allow that installation. These applications may be spy softwares, cool themes or any other applications. Lets take an example of mobile spy software, if you want to track location of any person ( your son, wife or office employee ) then you can not do this if there is no any spy software installed on targeted mobile phone. For this you have to jailbreak that mobile phone ( in case of some software packages ) and after that you can install any suitable spy app to that phone and can track it from anywhere. So without jailbreaking, you can’t install any third party application to iPhone ( in some specific cases ).

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Is It Safe to Jailbreak iPhone

Is Jailbreak Safe

Yes, it is safe for your phone to undergo this process. This is a reversible process and you can undo it anytime. Also it’s quite simple and hardly take 5 to 10 minutes in execution. After jailbreaking you feel more free and can install desirable applications to your iPhone.

We also suggest you to take a complete backup of your iPhone before doing jailbreak. This is to ensure that if anything goes wrong then you have a complete backup of your data and it’s more safe.

Is It Safe to Update Jailbroken iPhone?

If you update your Jailbroken iPhone then the jailbreak removed immediately. So to sustain the jailbreak you have to wait for latest update and then you can jailbreak your iPhone again.

Is Your iPhone Already jailbroken?

Cydia Jailbreaking App

It is very simple to check an iPhone whether it is jailbroken or not. Sometimes you buy a second hand iPhone and if there is an application named Cydia is installed on it then this is already jailbroken. But anyone can hide this application like another applications so if it is hidden then you have to jailbreak it. If you got a message that “this app is already installed” then that iPhone already jailbroken otherwise you have to jailbreak it. For this you can read How to Jailbreak an iPhone

If you have any doubt regarding jailbreaking then you are free to ask questions through comments, we are happy to answer you.

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