The 5 Best PC Games


The 5 Best PC Games
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Included here is a list some of the best pc games of all time. We had kept a great standard ( i.e this list is based on some important criteria ) while preparing this list of best pc games. This list contains all types of games irrespective of categories. I seriously doubt that even the rudest person of the world plays computer games for killing his free time. Nowadays development’s in the field of technology is very much reflected on gaming field. Today in this article I would list out some of the best pc games of all time. This list of best pc games is created on the basis of maximum number of downloads and the total copies sold. Lets check out some of the best pc games.

Best PC Games of all Time

Farcry 3

Farcry 3 Best PC Game

Farcry 3 is an open world shooter game mainly developed by ubisoft. Ubisoft came back strongly into the league of game developers after a long time. Far Cry series contains all great features to become the top game among the other best pc game of all time. The game was released on November 2012, within a short span of time it sold millions of copies all over the world. On checking the copies sold it won’t be the best pc game but on looking it’s gameplay and other features it is the best.

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GTA Best PC Game

If you are a gamer, then you won’t left this game unplayed. GTA series is one of the most played and heavily rated open world adventure game developed by Rockstar games. GTA series has all features to be listed among the top 5 best pc games. GTA series consists of 10 games of same genre. Out of these 10 games released, my favourite game is GTA Vice City. Some of the most noticed game on gta series are 1) GTA Vice City, 2) GTA San Andreas 3) GTA IV 4) GTA V.

World of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft

World of warcraft came to my list of best pc games because of the total number of copies sold. According to the details provided by wikipedia, it’s among the best selling pc games of all time. World Of Warcraft is a massively online multiplayer game developed by blizzard entertainment on 2004. Ever since its release it has sold over 15 millions of copies all together. It’s the main reason, why I added WOW to my list of best pc games.

Counter Strike 1.6

Counter Strike 1.6 pc Game

Counter Strike probably the best first person pc shooter game ever released. Even after 15 years it is still the best online multiplayer fps shooter game. You could see many thousands of people playing counterstrike daily. This game contains all the essential features to be listed under the top best pc games of all time. Earlier the game was released in the name of halflife and later on they changed the name to counterstrike.

The Sims

The Sims Best PC Game

The sims, it’s my all time favourite game. According to the details provided by wikipedia it is the best selling pc game. There are several reasons why i have included this game on my list of best pc games, the main reason is the stats of copies sold and the gameplay. Sims is the first life simulation game. It was developed by maxis and published by EA Games.

Hope you all loved reading my list of best pc games, If you want me to add some other games to this list of best pc games please do share the game with us under the comment section or by using the contact us page of the blog.


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