Can Someone Hack my Phone and Read my Text Messages?


Can Someone Hack my Phone and Read my Text Messages?
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‘Hack a cell phone’ is the keyword which has more than 10,00,000 monthly searches on google and during last two months I received a lot of emails from our readers regarding this topic and their questions are:

– Can someone hack my phone?

– Can someone read my texts messages remotely?

– Can I hack an iPhone?

– Can I read someones Whatsapp messages?…etc.

So I decided to write a post for our readers to clear their doubts and answer their questions. Also I am trying to answer some future questions which will emerge in your mind, these questions may be:

– How to detect a hacking software in my cell phone?

– How to get rid of any hacking app ( spyware, spy-software ) which resides in my cell phone… etc. Here we are going to answer your question.

Q. Can someone hack my phone & read my texts?

A. Yes it is possible and there are many ways to hack a cell phone. It can be done remotely or physically depending upon the technique which hacker used. In both techniques it is possible for him to read your text messages effortlessly.

Q. Can I hack an iPhone and read Whatsapp messages?

A. Yes you can hack an iPhone deftly. There is a straightforward way to do this but the purpose of hacking should be authentic and veritable like ‘parental-control’ or ‘employee-monitoring’. You can hack an iPhone either remotely or physically. If you have physical access of target iPhone once then install a spy app in it and after that monitor it from dashboard of that spy app. On the other hand, you can remotely monitor an iPhone without even touching it. To Know more about this remote technique please click here. In both approaches you have almost full control over the target iPhone and you can spy Whatsapp messages without a hitch.

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Q. How to detect hacking software in your phone?

A. This is the most asked question in last few months because some persons misuse the technology to illegally peep into someone’s private and confidential data like pictures, contacts, text messages, credit/debit card details, internet banking passwords etc. These are some unlawful activities and all countries have punishments for these crimes. But some hackers do this for money and they can purloin money from your bank account. Also they can blackmail you by hacking your cell phone’s gallery or some other personal information. So here we are providing some tips to detect a spy software in your cell phone. It will help you to secure your cell phone’s data from any unauthorized access.

Regularly check behavior of your cell phone. If it shows some pop-ups without clicking on any link in browser, or shows unusual files in task bar or any peculiar activity like auto restart, fast battery drainage, processor heat up, unfamiliar icons on home-screen, unidentified apps in app-manager, slow processing or extra internet usage then there may present one or more spy app in your cell phone.

Q. How to get rid of hacking software ( spyware, spy app ) present in your cell phone?

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A. There are many ways to delete a spy software from your cell phone. But we are talking over the only way which is uncomplicated and must work.

If you are irresolute about your phone that a spy app is present in it then do format it briskly without wasting the time. Before formatting save your contacts to your SIM card and take backup of other important data in your PC. Also format multi-media-card associated with this phone. After resetting ( formatting ) your cell phone update its operating system. Now login to your formatted cell phone with a new Google ID ( new Apple ID in case of iPhone ) and it is now safe and secured from the spyware.

Some Important Tips for Future:

– Do not use public or free WiFi networks because these are disloyal and perilous.
– Passwords and pass-codes of your email ID & cell phone respectively must be convoluted so that no one can guess them.
– Do not open spam emails or text messages. If you have opened them by mistake then do not click on any link, image or file in the mail.
– Must install a security app in your cell phone.

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