A Real StealthGenie Review – Cell Phone Spy Softwares


A Real StealthGenie Review – Cell Phone Spy Softwares
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While attending a seminar session on technology, I came across an interesting, and equally scary statement – In this world of technology, no one can be invisible, as every time you use gadgets and services, let it be your Smartphones or ATM, it leaves a mark of your presence.

Because of this fact, Smartphones have become the best option when you want to track someone, including his location, actions, interactions and even voice. StealthGenie is one of such firms, which has implemented that principle in its service, StealthGenie that helps users to track Smartphones of someone else. Today, we have an in-detail review of StealthGenie, and we will cover different aspects of this service, including its usability, support, features etc and finally our opinion about this tool, which is widely used by users to track other people’s Smartphones.

A Real StealthGenie Review

How StealthGenie is Useful

StealthGenie Review

Before we move on to different aspects of StealthGenie, the Mobile Spy App, to help you understand importance of StealthGenie, we will list out some of practical instances, where StealthGenie will be useful.

Suppose you are owner of a software development company, which is currently doing a confidential project for foreign client. But, you think a particular worker in your firm is leaking data regarding developments of it with your competitors. So, you might want to spy on the person to know whether he is leaking data or what data is he sharing with that competitor. [For this, however, that employee should be using company-issued Smartphones]

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You have gifted your son or daughter a high-end Smartphone to let him/her jump into pool of technology. In spite of these, you want to make sure that your children are not misusing the Smartphone in any aspect, like unwanted messaging, browsing illegal sites, talking to people without concern, visiting places without your concern etc.

These are two instances, where you can utilize StealthGenie for personal and professional purposes! However, when you start creating your own uses, the list will literally become infinite. So, as you have now understood possible ways to use StealthGenie, we will explore different aspects of this tool. First, we will check out which devices can be spied using StealthGenie spy app.

Platforms that can be spied using StealthGenie

Cell phone spy

As of now, you can use StealthGenie in Smartphone running on three different Smartphone platforms. The platforms are: Android, iOS and BlackBerry. This tool offers support for all Android Smartphones running KitKat or older. In the case of iPhone and iPad, it will work on devices running on v7.0.4 or older. And, when it comes to BlackBerry, it does offer support for all versions up to v7.2. Although it does not offer support for Windows Phone & Symbian, this tool is something great, as it has focused on brands that most people use and companies usually provide to employees.

Installing StealthGenie

Installing StealthGenie

If you are sure that the person, you are trying to spy, has a device mentioned in list, you can go to the official website of StealthGenie and purchase StealthGenie. Once you have purchased StealthGenie successfully, you have to install its application in devices you want to spy. Installation of StealthGenie is designed in such a way that the user will not know that such a tool has been installed in his/her device. First, you have to download StealthGenie installer, follow steps as mentioned, enter activation code and enable service. If the service has been installed in device, you have to uninstall StealthGenie installer. Unless your employee or children knows about StealthGenie, one cannot know that StealthGenie is spying everything he/she does using Smartphone. As we said before, company-issued phones will be the best when it comes to installing StealthGenie in your employee’s Smartphone.

In a few seconds, you will be able to track each and every movement in Smartphone. There are video and text-based tutorials for installing StealthGenie in Smartphone you want to spy. Now, we will check out features of StealthGenie, and as the first part, we will tell you what you can spy using StealthGenie spy application and service.

What you can Spy using StealthGenie

Using StealthGenie, you will be able to spy different data from the targeted Smartphone, and those are as follows.


Call Spy

So, the first feature of StealthGenie is meant to help you spy all phone calls the targeted user makes or receives. Along with checking out history of phone calls, you have an option to record phone calls and these records can be accessed from control panel of StealthGenie. Similarly, by sending a SMS-based command to enable Live Call Intercept, you will be able to listen to all made and received phone calls as they are taking place.

SMS & Instant Messages

Sms Spy

Using the StealthGenie application, you can keep track of your instant messages as well as SMSs. In case of SMS, you have an option to redirect messages as well. When it comes to the case of Instant Messaging applications, this app is powerful enough to spy activity from apps such as Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, BBM, GTalk, Viber and Skype.

Location Tracking

Location Tracking

If the targeted mobile has GPS in it, StealthGenie will help you track user location as well. Using this section, you can view location history, observe current GPS location of that person (well, the device) on map, view travel route, know if the user has managed to entered some restricted area or crossed specific area borders. Indeed, these are useful. For the fourth option, however, you will have to set some boundaries through Geo-fencing feature.

Email, Contacts & Calendar

Email Spy

By installing StealthGenie in that user’s device, you get access to his email account, contacts and calendar events as well. In Email, you can know sent and received emails, whereas contacts section will show you all contacts that have been saved in targeted device. On the other hand, by checking out the calendar sections, you can be aware of his or her upcoming events.

Monitor Web Activity & Files

Web Spy

You can have a list of all website that targeted user has visited using web browsers of his Smartphones. Similarly, you can have a glimpse on user-made bookmarks as well. On the other hand, when it comes to the case of file accessing, StealthGenie helps you access targeted user’s photos, videos, music and voice recordings.

Record Phone & Surroundings

Record Calls

If you need spying beyond calls and messages, there is an option to record surroundings of the Smartphone. You can set the device to record surroundings or you can listen to the current surroundings instantly.

Other Features We Loved of StealthGenie

Triggers and Notifications

Stealthgenie notifications

Another noteworthy feature of StealthGenie is the ability to trigger some actions when the user does something in the targeted Smartphone. For instance, you can set StealthGenie to give you a notification when the user enters a specific word or phrase in his SMS or email. Similarly, you can get notifications if the user is trying to contact a set of people. Obviously, this feature is something great, especially when you are using StealthGenie to spy your children’s Smartphones and want to know when they have used some offensive words or called someone on contrary to your advice.

Remote Control

Remote control in stealthgenie

Using this section, you can lock, wipe and find uploaded data through control panel. Apart from this, you have option to send specific commands to targeted device to do specific tasks. These commands will help you get physical access to that Smartphone such as wiping all data, pausing Smartphone etc.

For complete list of Features Visit StealthGenie Website Here


Reliable Stealthgenie

When compared with other tools for spying Smartphone activities and data, StealthGenie is undoubtedly the superb way to spy someone else’s Smartphone and activities going on in that device. According to official site of tool, more than 100000 people are now using StealthGenie to spy on others’ Smartphones and Tablet PCs. Also, when we check out reviews by customers shown in StealthGenie website, it becomes clear that StealthGenie is a great deal that you can always trust.


Usability of Stealthgenie

As we mentioned earlier, the process of installing StealthGenie is very simple and effective. For instance, it does not let users know that there is such a spying application installed in their devices. Similarly, control panel offered by this service is something intuitive. You can use that dashboard to move on to different sections of spying and managing the targeted devices without any glitch.

Our Verdict on StealthGenie


While reconsidering what we said above, it becomes clear that StealthGenie is something great for those who want to spy on others’ Smartphones even if they do not have expertise in spying stuff. Particularly, we loved features to spy data from WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging Clients as well as geo-fencing. So, we are really impressed. Yet we think StealthGenie will be something awesome if it can add support for Windows Phone as well. Well, what do you think about this tool? Do let us know your opinion using comments.

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